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Final Onset Life Test

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The Onset server is finally at a point where I'm willing to release it, I however would like to do one more test run with as many people as possible first

If all goes well, public release could be as early as Friday

Reward for helping
* This sexy car in your garage when the server goes public (since this will follow a DB wipe you will have an awesome head start with this $220,000 vehicle, since starting money is only $20,000)

To receive this reward you must make a real effort to test things, three hours plus of actual playing/testing, not just mucking around being a dork

How to join?

First make sure you own Onset (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105810/Onset/)
Then search of servers for 'Darkside' or remote connect to Password is 'nodec'

I found a bug, what do?

Use the In-game bug report system (that way I get to test it), it's in the help menu (Insert key)

Rules and such?

Check them all out in game, test as if it were public, so following all proper rules. That's the only way we can know if something needs changing.


This is your final chance to help test, try to get your mates to come play with ya so we can test as many things as possible




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