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  1. Will the reward be given to people who tested previously before this one?
  2. I will admit that it is incredibly fun. Probs also best chance to get it considering its on special
  3. Atm the main focus is set on onset. Huntah has already said that the effort that is needed to wipe and switch to Altis is not worth it atm since the server just won't bring in players
  4. For anyone interested in playing Darkside onset, the game is currently $9.50 AUD till January 6th This is probably the best opportunity to buy it https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105810/Onset/
  5. Making me wish I wasn't busy this weekend
  6. Really keen to see this play out. The game looks real fun and with the features of darkside I think it'll be incredible. Can't wait to join and play
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