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  • I'm sorry, we're closed

    After 6 amazing years TheDarksides Arma 3 server has closed down, maybe we'll see you on Arma 4 if it ever releases!

    To our players

    First off I'm personally sorry we were not able to continue to maintain this service, I know you have all have some fond memories of playing on our server but all good things have to come to an end and for TheDarkside that was a year or two ago.

    My personal thanks

    Scorpi0x, him and I (along with MadMax and the Governor) started this community in 2014 when we were both in our 20's, as neither of us are exactly a 'peoples person' it's amazing to think we ever managed to last as long as we did.
    Scorpi0x has spent an unimaginable number of hours behind the scenes helping to build the community, something he does not get a lot of credit for, but none of this would of happened without him so we owe him our appreciation.

    The players (you guys)

    Obviously without our awesome and diverse player base we would have never of existed, you guys kept us going by constantly showing your appreciation and sharing your thoughts. I hope you all can look back at your time spent on our server and remember the good times, the people you met and the feeling of community that we once had here.

    Our great staff team

    Our volunteer staff team had to put up with the most crap on our server, they had to take it from both sides (from disgruntled players and from us owners) But we do appreciate all of your time and energy you guys invested into our server, I hope you guys can look back and remember the times that you enjoyed on the server and remember the people you enjoyed interacting with.

    The future

    As mentioned above, if Arma 4 gets released we will most likely work on getting our own server setup, if that happens come check it out!
    In the meantime we have released a server on an early access game called Onset (https://playonset.com/). I will continue to work on this throughout the year and hopefully overtime the game gains some popularity and players find our server and enjoy its features.
    If anybody is interested in checking this game out, or might in the future, feel free to join our Discord server to keep in contact
    Invite link: https://discord.gg/PhkT3qjJHF

    Best of luck to everybody, we hope to see some of you in the future!

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