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  2. Yet you told me the ban comment made you laugh out loud... Exactly what it was meant to do, I used to be able to have a laugh. Now I blink at the wrong speed and get harassed for it, I literally spent a solid 4 years doing nothing but the Darkside, making stuff for you guys all day and all night, dealing with everybodies issues, doing my best to make everyone happy. I take a step back for a year to work on my solo games, so I'm no longer sorting out everyones issues, I come back to work on the Darkside and everyone is pissed at me. I made the apology post about the shitty st
  3. hard agree unfortunately i see where you're coming from and i hope onset can turn this around and start fresh
  4. @Huntah Great effort you have put into the onset server. All the time of coding sitting up at night trying to get things to work all the testing to make sure things didnt go crap I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into onset and makeing something new for all of us to have a go at.
  5. Dont get me wrong i appreciate all the effort that was put into Darkside and loved my time playing on it but that is precisely why myself and most likely others are upset that the actions of the staff members drove off hundreds of players and murdered the server a lot of us came to love that is now dead.
  6. Sure bud.. I called assholes who are banned assholes, very poor conduct. Thanks for sharing your opinion, you're entitled to it but I don't share it with you. Have a great night!
  7. I Mean wasn't poor conduct and abuse of the player base by staff the reason Arma 3 life he ended up dead. I managed to avoid a ban over the past 6 years by being very careful with my words but when you had people getting banned simple for asking Scorp what he did for the server and for even worse reason you know there are problems and for the sake of the new server now would be the time to wake up and realise that you cant maintain the 'Fuck the players we can always find more approach".
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  9. Fuck me and ppl say being annoyed by emojis is 'soft' Im not calling possible players assholes, im calling assholes assholes, if someone thinks im talking about them, thats their problem I guess... There really is no winning aye, spent 6 years giving you people something to do, most of you wouldn't even know each otherwise... I make one post with 99% positive content and all I get is shot for calling assholes assholes Right...
  10. You would think by now you would have realised calling your possible player base assholes wont do you any favours long term.
  11. I don't get it? Please explain... Some people are banned from Darkside on arma 3 for being assholes, these are hackers and such... These aren't people we want back and if they come back, they'll probably cheat again and be banned again, so I say "not yet" So what's wrong with that? Please enlighten me?
  12. Great way to get your player base back
  13. Hello yes i help test a lot spend my time on the server
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  15. can we start using parts of the forums that were for arma for onset now? like business discussions
  16. The server is now public! There have been a few bugs lately that are still not 100% fixed but the only way to get detailed info is with more people online, so it's best if we release now. I want to thank the following people for helping this happen, without them this would of been impossible. * Fliqqs, helping me with coding * Moose, helping me with coding Donors who kept the Dedi running so we could develop this... * IceBrg * Bartender * Rzqt * DeeJai * Wizz * Sleppy * Buzzkill Seriously appreciate these guys supporting the server, even when Arma was totall
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  18. Will the reward be given to people who tested previously before this one?
  19. The Onset server is finally at a point where I'm willing to release it, I however would like to do one more test run with as many people as possible first If all goes well, public release could be as early as Friday Reward for helping * This sexy car in your garage when the server goes public (since this will follow a DB wipe you will have an awesome head start with this $220,000 vehicle, since starting money is only $20,000) To receive this reward you must make a real effort to test things, three hours plus of actual playing/testing, not just mucking around being a dork
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  21. I will admit that it is incredibly fun. Probs also best chance to get it considering its on special
  22. Yeah fair enough. Onset sounds promising, keen to give the darkside server a go
  23. Atm the main focus is set on onset. Huntah has already said that the effort that is needed to wipe and switch to Altis is not worth it atm since the server just won't bring in players
  24. I logged in about a month ago to get back into DS for my usual Christmas break binge and was disappointed to see Tanoa . Onset is on sale for 66% off right now. You'd be mad not to give it a go for $6. If you only play it for 2 hours and hate it, the game cost you $3 an hour... that's pretty cheap. Arma is already down to around 4c an hour now... That's some good value...
  25. Any chance of going back to altis? It always has more players than any other map
  26. it Worth Onset . Review are Mixed ,Darksidegame are there on service ?
  27. For anyone interested in playing Darkside onset, the game is currently $9.50 AUD till January 6th This is probably the best opportunity to buy it https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105810/Onset/
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