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Change Log (8th October 2017)

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No major new stuff in this change log, but quite a lot of small changes that needed to be mentioned.

The following changes were made by myself and TFO Luke


  • Steroids now save over a relog (Time remaining can be seen in the 7 menu)


  • Your faction name is now in red on the quick display menu when it is being raided
  • Police can now cleanup (Shift + 3) briefcases
  • When the research facility safe auto-locks, there is now a cooldown before it can be re-cracked (Time varies)
  • During martial law there is now a 20 item max in the research safe, rather than unlimited
  • Completely removed the business base concept
  • Logging out during three consecutive faction raids will cause ALL of your faction points to be wiped the next time a raid starts
  • Tickets given to players by cops are now only seen by cops and staff, tickets given by security are only seen by cops, security and staff
  • You can no longer store an item in a house too soon after stealing from a safe at the research facility
  • You can no longer spawn at your clan spawn if you are not wearing your clan tags
  • The price of refueling an air vehicle has been lowered
  • In the Y menu, trying to remove zero of an item will now give you the option to clear all your Y inventory items at once
  • VR suits are now only buyable from faction areas if you have over 400 rep points with that faction, if you attempt to wear a VR suit and do not have the required rep points, the clothing will be removed
  • You can no longer place c4 or crack safes too close to a restart
  • Lowered police punishments when areas are captured etc


  • Capture checkpoint text now properly indicates the amount of money that is being returned afterwards
  • A quest reward said you could now purchase the wipeout when it should have said the Black Wasp jet
  • Building box item prices now charge the correct amount (Was 5 times too high)
  • Logging in as cop now only gives you keys to your active police vehicles
  • Police vehicle insurance price from the shop and upgrades shop is now correct
  • Steroid timer now correctly states minutes remaining (Not seconds)
  • Closing a base on cop now properly displays the correct cost
  • Mechanics can now impound police armoured vehicles
  • You must now stay on location to rearm your vehicle at clan bases and gang hideouts
  • Chop price of MCU and bullet proof vehicles was too low, the amount has been fixed
  • Resolved several NLR system bugs including having NLR when being revived
  • Token convoys no longer charge tokens before making sure a spawn point is free
  • Taking an item from the research facility was removing too much from the police bank, this has been decreased 
  • You will no longer be told you are in a faction area when you are not
  • Some taxi mission distances were incorrect
  • Some truck driver distances were incorrect
  • Custom real estate now pays the correct amount
  • Some items could not be crafted
  • Mechanic missions have been fixed
  • You can no longer re-pack your mag while in a vehicle
  • Crime rate was always too high
  • Players lost all their rep points when a faction raid started
  • Police were receiving payouts even while a safe was cracking (Making police bank go down)
  • Restraining a player no longer causes you to reload your gun
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My fguess would be you could pick it up but not wear it. Unless you had the required rep level

Edited by DeeJai

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Im glad we don't have to spend more money on building box items then the terrorism mission reward now haha. Good job Guys ^^.

3 hours ago, Jordy Skylash said:

So does that mean, if I were to kill someone who has a VR Suit, I can't pick it up?


It would vanish when you put it on, but if you drag it into your backpack (if it fits) it might stay?? 

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7 hours ago, Huntah said:


  • Restraining a player no longer causes you to reload your gun

god bless you

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