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Dedicated Staff Positions

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Howdy all! 

I feel like all of my posts start off like this recently as I'm unimaginative and can't think of anything swell to say, BUT with a new wipe, new staff, etc, I've re-organised staff members so that things will roll more smoothly (not that it doesn't already).  This way, each staff member will have a position and role that they feel comfortable doing, this way, help desk and general community members will know which person to go for, for certain situations.  


Head of Staff: 
Dealing with day to day staff issues, ensuring that all staff are following guidelines and are completing daily duties. Complaints regarding staff members, or staff members requiring extra assistance are to come to me. 

Dealing with all ban disputes and issues regarding bans.

MrBartender (Head Administrator)


Forum Moderation:
These Admins will deal with forums punishments, control of forum aggression, flame bait, etc. They will also be the ones to deal out punishments, e.g 20% loss of bank account for forum abuse. 

Fliqqs (Admin)

Lynxaa (Admin)


Compensation Requests:
These Admins will be the primary staff dealing with compensation requests and issues, the Moderators will be there for assistance. 

SunDragoness (Admin)

Ace (Moderator)


Civilian White-list Control:
Mongoose is the Admin in charge of everything to do with White-list civilian promotions/demotions and punishments, any changes need to go through either Mongoose, or if he is not available; please talk with Razor and inform him of anything you need to.  Razor will be working hand in hand with Mongoose to assist him in his duties. 

Mongoose (Admin)

Razor (Moderator)


Teamspeak Regulations:
These Admins will deal with everything to do with TeamSpeak; channel creation, editing channels, giving server groups and membership control. 

Nolegs (Admin)


Clan Base Moderation:
Nolegs is in control of clan bases, adding, removing players and the control of clan base acceptance.

Nolegs (Admin)

xXTheSlayerXx (Admin)

Of course, all staff will be expected to go to help, in help desk wherever possible, and no one is above it, even myself.  Obviously ban requests are for the Admins that deal with the situation and that hand out the ban, another admin will never un-ban someone that they haven't banned, as they might not know all of the information. As well as this, obviously staff are always to be granting memberships when prompted and they see posts on the forums requesting access. It is up to you to keep up to date with everything on the forums regarding changes, not knowing is not an excuse if it has been posted. 


Obviously all current staff should have a proper idea of what is needed of them, if you need assistance with your position, please contact either a senior admin, OR myself if you have any questions. 



Thanks for reading


Head Administrator

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