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Bush Wookiz

Trade Federation Update

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Trade Federation



So as many of fellow residents of Darkside may know The Trade Federation (TRF) took a break from the day to day grind of mining and crafting operations. During this time, internal discussions were held and many of the staff decided to part with the business and begin an organisation known as Russia’s Alpha Group (RAG). The former head of security Seth Shadows is Commander and Chief of RAG and as CEO of TRF I extend to him and the members of RAG my congratulations and best wishes for the future.


So what does this mean for TRF……..

Well what it means is that I, Bush Wookiz will continue to run TRF with the assistance of my 2ic Rory. We will be actively looking for recruits to join the ranks of the business. If you know any budding Miners / Crafters looking to join our hard working but fun organisation please direct their enquiries to myself.


Are you still taking orders?

Yes, our job books are awaiting your orders, however please keep in mind that our completion time for orders has increased due to our reduced manpower currently. You can place your orders through Myself via ingame calls (1800 Big Guns) or buy contact via the TS. We are currently working around the batch numbers of items been around 20 per run.


We hope that our change of Staffing structure doesn’t cause any mistrust or dissatisfaction with the Trade Federation but the staff re-organisation was necessary for the health and safety of all members of staff.


A Personal Thanks goes to our former CEO Hunterz as without his dedication and hard work TRF wouldn’t exist


-        [TRF] Bush Wookiz

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