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M y l e Z

M y l e Z - Re-whitelist application

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M y l e Z    341

In-Game Name:

TFO | M y l e Z




Over 18 but under 20.

Do you have a headset:


Do you have, or will get TS3:

Indeed I do.

Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?):

Never been banned.

Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game):

Yeah I know them.

Why do you want to be Whitelisted? Be descriptive.. This is a ROLEPLAY orientated position, “To play Medic/Mechanic” is not a valid response:

After previously being a paramedic, I had seen a lot of things done to a lot of people. Altis had never ceased to amaze me on how brutal and unforgiving it could be, each new patient was a new story. One late winters eve, a new patient arrived in the ER - clearly under the influence of something a lot stronger than some good ol' Kavala Jack Daniels..

After 24 of being on a drip and sobering, this guy, this druggy was telling me about how he and his mates were robbing chems, mixing them up and selling it straight into the Molos black markets. They were making cash hand over fist, and when you have that much money you tend to want to find out what the fuss is all about - which is what landed the poor fella here.

Being a paramedic at the time I decided, "eh why not, might be able to fund myself a new car, or a ring for my fiance". I took my chances and did what the druggo was saying to me.. "mix red and blue, it'll make ya feel like new.." although I had no intention of trying it myself, I just wanted the cash.

After a few months of taking red and blue packs here and there from the medical supplies, the inventory managers found me out and well.. lets just say the jail food wasn't good, sloppy joe thuesday was horrid.

Being jobless for such a long time, trying to keep out of trouble I am here now looking for retribution and second chance as a paramedic of my home .. Altis.

A brief description about yourself (Your play style):Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning:

Out of roleplay: After simply shooting people for such a long time, I have been really keen to jump back on WL civ and grind for my security rank once more, get some cheeky RP in here and there.
And yes I am WELL AWARE about breaching rules etc



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