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The Night Riders Official Clan Base Application

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Mike    280



After numerous ups and downs, we have finally formed a successful gang with solid members who are willing to abide by the rules and stick together. We have dropped members who have been disrespectful to admins and been repeat rule breakers. Although some members have a bad history, TNR has become an opportunity for us to have a fresh start. Below are the 8 chosen members who are I believe are worthy of being on a clan base. We all understand that having a clan base is a massive privilege, and I myself have learnt in the past that they can be removed for not abiding by the rules.


Hours: 3387


Selected Members:



Jager: 76561198161430672 421h

Chavez: 76561198086830873 44h

Yiddo: 76561197969857149 208h

Damian: 76561198192621039 1133h

Maverick: 76561198161917210 332h

BryanPerry: 76561198299855196 360h

Tyson: 76561198131938516 121h

Mike: 76561198108977630 718h


I have informed each chosen member that they must be on their best behavior at all times. If any of the following chosen members decide to break the rules, they will immediately be put on probation and then later kicked if their is little to no improvement.

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