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Plebiscite results 13/08/17

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syhrus    16

Those hanging around in Kavala may have been approached by some of our AEC (Altis Electoral Commission) officers tonight collecting census data. 
As everyone knows, all citizens of Altis are male, and as such the only marriage our great country allows is that of the same-sex variety. The government has been under a lot of pressure recently to allow those of the female persuasion into the country, and as a result, allow for the possibility of opposite-sex (straight) marriage. To help with their decision, AEC officers were out in force tonight, collecting citizens' feelings towards the concept in a voluntary plebiscite. Here are the de-identified results:


Our politicians might use this data to support their decision if it aligns with their ideals. As always, all data is available via the Altis Bureau of Statistics for a nominal fee.


((This was just a bit of fun we had tonight. Thought I'd share the results for a laugh))

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binary    35

18 is a small sample size considering the population of altis. Perhaps we should consider a postal vote for all altis citizens. 

if someone pays me $122 million dollars I'll conduct the postal vote and which will result in no decision being made because only 5 people will return the postal vote!



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