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How to make quick and easy money ( NEW PLAYERS )

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Okay, so I'm writing this guide because I've seen & helped a lot of people who have no idea what to do/ how to play the arma 3 life game mode.
I know the first thing (most) people want, is to get a gun. And a helicopter. Gun in usless unless you are skilled in combat and you are robbing a hospital or somthing. You will only be out safezone for a short amount of time, 
and have cops nearby,so no reason to worry. 
Start off by getting a drivers licence. Press m to open the map, then click on ' Altis Laws' and read the vehicle rules. Take a picture, remember , copy down, whatever. Just make sure you got the answers.Then, get your licence.
Now here you have a choice.You can either buy a 'hatchback (sport)'or an 'offroad' from the car shop in kavala square. Hatchback sport is quick, goes upto around 300 km/h but has a small inventory, offroad is slower, but has more inventory space.
Now, go to an ATM ( one should be market on the map in kavala market ) and press windows key or use the scroll weel and select 'interact' Now withdraw $9,200, and run over to the kavala market, 
buy yourself a lottery ticket, a mining pickaxe, 1-2 vodkas (not for fun, it incerases you inventory space when drunk) some medkits and some repair kits. Then run over to the clothes store, and buy a backpack. Run to the 'high tech store',
and buy a GPS( press ] or [ to open it up) ([and ] are to the right of 'p'). Now you are all set to go on a cement run. Run over to your vehicle, press 'u'whilst looking at it to un-lock it, then press e or use the scroll wheel to get in.
Once you are in the vehicle, use . or ,  and switch to 'vehicle chat'. Now open up your map, and use the scroll wheel to zoom out, and look for the rock mine (it's just past police checkpoint 1). 
Now hold ctrl and the left mouse button to draw a line on the road the rock mine. Now follow that line! Hold shift and w to make your vehicle go faster. After you pass police checkpoint 1, go around the toll booth, and take a shortcut off-road to the mine.
Now you are at the mine, drink 1 vodka, press t, and put all your other items (exept the pickaxe) into your car. Now hold tab to start mining. After your inventory is full, put all ( or as many rocks as possible ) into your car, then continue until your inventory and vehicle are full.
Now hop in your car and drive down the road and take a left to Rock processing. Run up to the processor, and buy yourself a rock processing licence. Then start processing the rocks. After they are all processed, you need to sell them, at a factory.
Now you need to drive to the factory on the other side of kavla, and sell all your cement. Repeat this until you get enough money to buy bigger and bigger trucks, then try using helicopters ( orca, mowhawk, taru ECT) to fly the trucks, making the process faster!

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