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DeeJai Dies again - Week 3+

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DeeJai    208

I know you have been waiting, well, wait no longer.  Unfortunately deaths have not been coming as rapidly this past week or so, most likely because I have been wrapped in bubble wrap, in preperation for the Farmer's Party, which is due to commence when the next full moon is at its fullest.


I have used my time wisely, learning all the ins and outs of video editting, and can say, this is near professional. The only thing that could make the editting any better, would be figuring out a way I can introduce both minesweeper and Microsoft Paint into the video.


If you want to recap, previous entries, check out these, else watch the new video below.



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13 hours ago, Maxon Von Carstein said:

whats the point in this montage 


Making fun of actually montages 
Its a parody 

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