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Just a quick question about gangs?

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chors    2

Hey guys as of recent ive gotten bored of just playing CIV normally and just doing runs and jobs constantly. I decided to seek a gang that would have me as a player who is willing to learn and have played a good amount of time in ARMA 3. I put in my whitelist civ app in a while ago and got 1 staff member and now I have donators so that's an avenue I need to address soon but anyway. I have been looking for a gang that will have me but the biggest issue that ive come across is I get accepted into gangs but they ask for me to come into TS3 and have a chat. I do have TS3 and have been into the teamspeak before but I suffer from some extreme social anxiety. I know this may just sound like me looking for sympathy but im just curious if it is essential to use a mic while in a gang and if so would any gang be willing to have a member in it that doesn't feel comfortable with and cant regularly use a mic?

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Hey brother

Kudos for being upfront and honest about why you are hesitant to use a mic. We have a pretty unique and cool community made up of the experienced players and there are plenty of gangs to choose from that may be willing to have you on board.

The combat in Darkside especially when rolling with a gang can come down to two things: positioning and communication. You may find it hard not using a mic to communicate so use things such as tactical ping to call out targets but a mic helps give the context to the ping. 

My advice is to be brave and don't overthink things that make you anxious. A lot of the gangs I know would love an extra gun so say hi, be eery quiet during combat and only call out your targets if you like. 

I reckon you will have no troubles being vocal during the exciting stuff anyway. ;) good hunting and have fun. 

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Hunterz221    18

Hey bud you chucked your application in with me a couple days ago which I've accepted.. I myself have social anxiety so I have no problem whatsoever if you just wanna ease into things.. just makes it easier for you to communicate with us during combat situations that's all.. sadly having a mic is essential to every gang and even on the server itself cause it's heavily used to roleplay.. in saying that if you feel like it's to much for you to handle and you wanna delete your application for TRF then I completely understand and will hold no hard feelings.. I'm also open to trying to help you get through your social anxiety cause I got over it myself without any help and i know how hard and upsetting it can be..

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binary    21

well done for speaking up @chors i think you are are on the right way! as Harlstar said - be brave, pick your moments, and when you dont feel like talking just sit back and listen...


its tough, this game relies a lot on communication and the easiest way for most is going to be via TS3. My suggestion would be find a smaller gang to start out with that will ease you into talking to only a couple - when there's half a dozen or more people in a channel, everyone trying to talk over each other, it can be very confronting. 

Looks like you have an offer already above. The TRF guys might be a great group to rolll with - and you'll find your place as long as you give it a shot - Good luck with it!

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