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Carbomb bug report

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This is a bug report about a carbomb mission. I found it at the CP1, looked at the ID, searched it after it turned out to be a wanted man's offroad.

I moved it off the point and set charges on the offroad. I found the guy near by and i tazed him, cuffed him and while i was talking to him, the charges on the car when off, and we got the pay out for destroying a carbomb. A few seconds later, the carbomb went off and he finished it.

These are screenshot after i got back to PD, showing the possible bug with the carbomb.



This one shows that 1 did destroy it, and got the 200K payout. 



This one shows that I did destroy the offroad, and who owned it, Braydan.



And this one shows the carbomb going off after I destroyed it.

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