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Police Checkpoint Conductance

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Police have set rules for when they are manning checkpoints

There are currently three static checkpoints on the map, manning these will give an officer payment ever 25 minutes. Rebels can also take over these checkpoints so it is advised that police show great care in protecting these areas.\


The following is text book procedure when a vehicle approaches the checkpoint

  • Have the driver stop the vehicle at a safe distance and turn of the engine.
  • Ask the driver and any passengers if they have any weapons.
  • Ask the driver and passengers to exit the vehicle. If they have weapons do not immediately restrained them when they get out, simply as them to lower their weapons and give reasonable time to react and do so.
  • Ask them where they are headed to and from, as well as perform a search of them and their vehicle (not I inventory).  Ensure them that you will make this as quick as possible and ensure that you are promoting as much role-play as possible. 
  • After the search is done, allow them to re-enter their vehicle and drive away.
  • In the case of anything illegal being found, the person may be ticketed or arrested depending on the time and their vehicle disposed of accordingly. 

For a police made checkpoint to be classified as a checkpoint it must reach all of the following conditions:

  • Bar-gates across the road (opened or closed).
  • Clear lighting leading up to the checkpoint to slow vehicles down safely.
  • Must be manned when a player approaches, you cannot chase them if they avoid it if no officers were in the Checkpoint whilst they went around it.
  • The police must be visible, if they are not, you cannot charge somebody with avoiding what looks like an empty checkpoint.
  • A vehicle running a checkpoint may be searched if it is chased and stopped. (not stopped later on after police lose line of sight)
  • Police can stop and search a vehicle for avoiding a checkpoint if a vehicle deters travelling through a checkpoint within 300m of the checkpoint and has line of sight, whilst it is clearly manned.

Police MAY NOT open fire at someone that is avoiding a checkpoint, this does not count as a declaration and is considered RDM.  You must still declare on the person by taking chase! 

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Updated the last paragraph regarding police @ CP's firing on suspects driving past with no declaration.  Will feature this, this comment will be removed when it is no longer featured. 

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