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Civilian VS Civilian Armed Vehicle Rules

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The following rules regard the usage of armed vehicles between rebels/civilians

Items on this list may result in either the removal for used vehicle or your removal from the server and/or or a ban, based on the admins discretion

  • Armed vehicles can be used at any time in KOS zones.
  • Armed vehicles are not to be used VS other gangs unless both have agreed to it in-game.
  • You can declare on another person whilst using an armed vehicle if they are also in an armed vehicle.
  • Armed vehicles may be used for self defence at any time so long as the armed vehicle was already at the scene when the declaration was made. (must be visible within 1.5km (not a pawnee 1km in the sky)) The prior will be judged on a case by case basis by an admin)
  • If you declare on a gang who are currently using an armed vehicle, they can use that armed vehicle to defend themselves against that clan

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