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Basic Crafting Calculator

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DeeJai    208

Well, as some may have seen, I have returned to Darkside and am traveling around doing all sorts of random stuff. Some of that random stuff is the quest lines and with it the crafting inevitabilities.


My desk has numerous sticky notes of wonder which tell me just what is needed for many things, but it does not provide me with an easy way to calculate, without manually doing so.

To assist in this, I created a small spreadsheet which I will allow others to use if you choose. I will be updating it as I can, also including sub requirements for more advanced items. (For instance, you want to make a CPU, it will tell you the entire resources required)


Presently, it will give you the basics. Thanks to @Luke for his post here .         which has helped me over the past few weeks.


Here is the link.  You will need to download the file to use the drop down menu to select an item.



*edit.   So i have added a basic mats section for a cumulative effect of requirements.. see how that goes


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updated sheet
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