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Un Blacklist appeal for Whitelist Civillian

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In Game Name: Atishu 

Steam 64 ID:76561198088155821

Reason for the Ban / Blacklisting : Put Money into a police bank Early this year Giving the open chance for a gang to Rob the Fort Knox.

Reason To be Un Blacklisted: I had accepted all punishments but I feel that I have came back wanting a new start in gaming and feel that I've matured a lot more than I was in the past as I was a younger kid now moving on to being a more mature young adult.

Thank you for those Who Take their time to read this, Have a good Day.


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Wasn't quite what happened you actually logged onto cop to put money into the police bank so your mates could do a fort and get a quest done.

That was a long time ago so im willing to unblacklist you but you will be on a short leash and any fucking around or rule breaking will get you re blacklisted.

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