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Assassination Mission Rules

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Assassination Mission Rules

Rules for the mission starter:

  • You must only begin a mission if you know you can reach one of your houses within 10 minutes.
  • You must not use your actual house building as a place to hide unless the doors are opened.
  • You must be in a reachable position. It is fine if the attackers have to use a ladder to get to you.
  • If you have assistance in defence, they must be wearing the same clan tags as you.
  • You may not use armed vehicles to defend yourself.
  • If you complete the mission, you must stop shooting at attackers for at least 10 minutes to give them time to leave the area.

Rules regarding attacking:

  • Once the server message comes up, you are free to kill the mission starter and anybody with the same clan tag as them that are nearby the mission marker (within 300m, otherwise, a declaration is required).
  • You are not to target other rebels in the area. If you kill someone in the crossfire, attempt to revive them. The point of the mission is to assassinate the mission starter.
  • You may not use armed vehicles to attack.
  • Once the mission is over, you must cease all combat and then leave the area within 10 minutes. Combat includes but is not limited to looting, strangling, destroying vehicles, etc.
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