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Base Building Destruction

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Base Building Destruction

Base Building Destruction:

  • Police are allowed to use the destroy feature on player placed assets if one of the following conditions are met:
  • The police can destroy a flagpole whenever they see it and combat has occurred has in the area. This item is illegal at all times.
  • The object is blocking an entryway into a building that criminals are inside of.
  • You need to breach part of a wall to get into an area (you should not destroy the whole wall, just the sections that you need to enter through).
  • The object is currently being used to assist criminal activity (rearming or refuelling areas). You must have a strong valid reason to believe the items have been illegally used.
  • The object is on what the police deem to be somebody else's land. Evidence will need to be provided, and a ranking officer will be held responsible if the police are wrong.
  • Any object that the Chief of Police has deemed to be in an illegal area.
    • A group has walls around a compound. You may breach through multiple sections, destroying a maximum of three walls.
    • A person has two layers of fences over his front door. You have the right to destroy both layers to gain access to his house.
    • You see a Pawnee rearming at a rearm crate. You may destroy it.
    • There are rebels inside of a bunker hiding from you. You may not destroy it to gain access, however, if the bunker was used as a defence it may be destroyed if the police win the situation (the police cannot return later on and destroy it).
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