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Jail Riots

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Jail Riots

Jail Riot Rules:

  • Police need to secure the jail when they are informed a riot is taking place, and repair the armoury door.
  • Police are not to camp the jail island. They can remain for 2 minutes after a riot has been concluded to clean up vehicles, then they must leave the island.
  • Responders to the jail riot must stun and restrain armed inmates. People assisting in the riot from the outside must be stunned and restrained, or killed if necessary according to 'Use of Lethal Force' rules.
  • Prisoners that are caught rioting should be re-sent to jail with their original charges, and an automatically added charge of rioting.
  • Prisoners that are rioting will have their sleeves removed so that they are easily distinguishable.
  • Responders can open locked doors by pressing '0' near them. Make sure you do not let prisoners out.
  • Anybody attacking the jail from the outside may be charged with armed occupation.
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