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Found 3 results

  1. si_yuzuuu

    HEMMET glitched

    My HEMETT glitched into a building and blew up. It had a n inventory full of processed copper, and I would like compensation
  2. While playing as a medic last night, I couldn't get an officer out of a vehicle to revive him, no matter what I tried (Flipping vehicle just made it the same, couldnt pull out etc.) As a last resort, I tried nudging the vehicle over with an abandoned SUV found nearby. It did not end well.. Is there any way to remove someone from a vehicle that has been flipped over, to revive them? Thanks, HunterJup.
  3. So i will be running into the traders or just plain running through any buildings and ill clip on a door or a wall and die, and i wont be recording so i can get compensation. i have died by it 3 times by it today. I've lost so much what is there to do????? i dont want to be constantly be recording i think thats just bs.