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  1. Zachs

    Salardies 1st Montage

    I would enjoy it more if it was 180p
  2. Zachs

    Montage III

    Nice kills, Nice original music xD.
  3. Zachs

    Darkside Moments - #29

    ahahahha Yells out of car NICE WEAPONS FAGGETS
  4. Zachs

    Stinky's 1st Montage

  5. Zachs

    Salty Children - Exposed

    ahahaha fuck me
  6. Zachs

    Salty Children - Exposed

    Well made Mith
  7. Zachs

    FU Zachs at kore gas with a pawnee

    Lol fuck off you dont even play dark side anymore and when you do your only at gh2
  8. Zachs

    FU Zachs at kore gas with a pawnee

    Idk what is worst me being in kav or you as a WL cop ps im shit in a Pawnee you don't need to tell me lol
  9. Zachs

    How to Parachute

    There you go, guys, i hope everyone on Darkside learnt how parachute Thank you for the tutorial @Green
  10. Zachs

    CosW and FU clan base battle

    I don't see the point in this post lol.
  11. Zachs

    CosW and FU clan base battle

    Any recording of when we fucked you guys? would like to see that.
  12. Zachs

    Timmy Jimson Montage #3

    3:50 MMM NICE