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  1. Meme Page

    Within 24 hours WTF hahaha
  2. Doggin' the boys

    Don't encourage them
  3. Doggin' the boys

    Whilst the video is appreciated let us not see this become a trend in the whitelisting process. This isn't 'Pubbies got talent'.
  4. New cop type (Discuss)

    Very interesting idea @Huntah and I think having a limited amount of patrol officer slots will have a lot of positives. Like you said safer cities and happier civs especially the newbies who beleive cops just outright ignore them because we have high priority stuff to attend to. I actually hear cops get a lot of satisfaction when they can help someone recover a stolen vehicle or keep trolls from blocking vehicle spawns and robbing freely. Also a lot of cops do at times need a break from the more hectic stuff so a patrol officer role allows them to still contrubite without 'sitting out'. It is cool to have the more RP friendly police patrolling the streets and responding to calls while the more militarised response force do the more serious jobs. Patrol officers could even assist still in creating cordons, blocking roads or intercepting fleeing vehicles 1.5kms on the perimeter of bank or Knox. The only clash I see will be hospitals as that is a bit of a grey area where patrol officer and the main force could potentially overlap. I would say 5 slots max would be ideal and a minimum of 3. If they are exempt from the ratio for bank and that then I take from this they do not contribute to NLR ratio but a patrol officer like a pubby probably is never able to break NLR to balance this? I think adding these slots will help Darkside feel more balanced as diring peak times we can still respond to low priority stuff favoring newer players and gangs as well as benefit the police force.
  5. Just a quick question about gangs?

    Hey brother Kudos for being upfront and honest about why you are hesitant to use a mic. We have a pretty unique and cool community made up of the experienced players and there are plenty of gangs to choose from that may be willing to have you on board. The combat in Darkside especially when rolling with a gang can come down to two things: positioning and communication. You may find it hard not using a mic to communicate so use things such as tactical ping to call out targets but a mic helps give the context to the ping. My advice is to be brave and don't overthink things that make you anxious. A lot of the gangs I know would love an extra gun so say hi, be eery quiet during combat and only call out your targets if you like. I reckon you will have no troubles being vocal during the exciting stuff anyway. good hunting and have fun.
  6. The Fallen Order | M y l e Z | Moments & Memes

    @ZrMz_x wit his album comin at ya boiz train tracks nd fat stakzz
  7. Next time you see me in teamspeak send me a pm and we can have a quick chat so I can decide to +1 your app as a helpdesk member. You will find me in cop or TFO channels but preferably when I'm in TFO.
  8. Appreciation post

    Enter stage left!
  9. TFO vs TDA Official War Results

    @Luke voting closes 9:00PM AEST 3rd July unless one of our many assets includes a time machine I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the last fighting patrols both in the air and on the ground. Thank you to TDA, when we did find your hidey holes you were more than willing to put up a fight. Kudos to @Sam Hyde your reputation for RPG'ing me in the ass continues to thrive however an eye for an eye when it comes to the skies my man. It was awesome having a gang v gang war on the server, first one I witnessed and hope for those voting you got some shock and awe out of the added chaos. Harlstar of The Fallen Order, the war is over... for now.
  10. Its been a great run, thank you all!

    There goes my hero...
  11. Help Desk Results - July 2017

    What an exciting opportunity to give back to the server and look after the community. Thank you for trusting me with this position and I look forward to doing you all proud!
  12. The wifi speed thing

    Yeah it is frustrating with the auto kicks when you can't do much to boost your speed. The server owners and admin staff have taken measures to tackle lag as Scorp has said above. For them they are always getting swamped with players complaining about server lag so they are just trying to do their best by the oceanic community.
  13. Memes and Dreams #3

    Love the cop kills
  14. TFO vs TDA Official War

    TDA, what can I say about your precious Molos, that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? It looks bombed out and depleted. No the victor won't be decided by who can hold GH3 the longest. No wearing fedoras doesn't make you a non-combatant. I think the biggest challenge on our part will be trying to keep track of all the puppies names you guys seem to be breeding. Watch this space I could literally go all night.
  15. TFO vs TDA Official War

    Doubt you plan on touching the ground at all if your performance in our gun games is any indicator