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  1. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Just in time for when I get back. This server is run by bloody legends. The new features are going to be great!!!
  2. Leaving the Darkside for now

    Roni - Kavala's unsung hero.
  3. Random Moments Compilation

    It was nice to revisit some good ol Heroes memories last night
  4. Terrorist Missions in Darkside

    Wasn't there a deer stand for you to sit in?
  5. Company of Scally Wags - Thankyou

    While I have fond memories of CoSW I think you lost the essence and ethos of the gang over the last few months I'm not concerned with the personal stuff that could be behind it, the community doesn't really care either but people can't help but look when passing a train wreck. Chat amongst yourselves about it and talk to the appropriate admins if you have issues about the gang disbanding. Its not the end of the world
  6. Those Who Stand | The Darkside Life | Trailer

    I was one of those shithot operators that went to ground on contact!
  7. Knee Pads

    Are you referring to the entourage of people that wait for Assistant Commisioners and above to log on? Yeah learn to ignore that shiz @Rzqt most experienced players already do
  8. Uber Driver Kush Bush - Blacklisted cop

    Kush You and I spoke in helpdesk last night regarding this. Now from what you told me you were not sure why you received your blacklisting or who fired you from the force. You said that you were not able to join since the last restart so I explained to you to put this post up. It seems in your appeal that you do know why you were blacklisted is this correct? Now regardless of what other people are doing that is not an excuse for failing to follow the APDs standards and procedures. Implying corruption or that our disciciplinary team is not being fair is not correct or going to help the person who blacklisted you decide to lift it. We hold everyone accountable to the same rules and procedures and we always have evidence to back up our decisions.
  9. Saviors Recruiting

    Haha I'm being cheeky but that said isn't the saviors all about spreading and beating other gangs/civs into submission? Do you all answer to the name Negan? Who has Lucille? Many questions that need answering...
  10. Saviors Recruiting

    Are the Saviors concerned with anything other than Pyrgos?
  11. Martial Law

    And this sir is how you won the day.
  12. Server wipe? [Poll] and questions..

    Completely agree with @Haggis | Kaiba. Server wipes should not run off a set schedule as it will create a mentality where people avoid playing in the week, month or more leading up to the date. Why do we even need to discuss this or put it to a poll? I'm sure if you searched this topic you would find its already been discussed to death. This server performs well because the owners and staff know what they are doing. Trust them. A bunch of powerful clans and armed vehicles being around is no reason to bring this up.
  13. In-Game Name: Harlstar Donor?: yes Age: 27 Do you have a headset: Yes Do you have, or will get TS3: Yes Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?): Never approx two years and counting as a community member. Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game): yes I am familiar with the rules and expectations of this role. Why do you want to be Whitelisted? Be descriptive. This is a ROLEPLAY orientated position, “To play Medic/Mechanic” is not a valid response: I grew up in Pyrgos where I attended private school, enjoyed swimming and diving in the harbor and got my first job as a cashier at Pyrgos Gas. Then the rebel movement started and my home town became a regular scene of shootouts, murders and other crime in the streets. The media reported that the insurgency was widespread across the nation and the federal government and its authorities were spread thin. A private firm known as the Altis Security Contractors set up operations with one of its headquarters just near my hometown and recently I have seen bounty hunters working privately, outside the legal bounds of the APD to restore justice and allow civilians in Pyrgos to return to work. I looked up their recruitment branch online and decided to submit my application on the spot. On being accepted I am aware of their training program which includes a comprehensive internship at available Altis hospitals to receive advanced medical training, I also have the opportunity to work hands on at mechanic depots to learn how to maintain and service my security vehicles as well as provide aid to concerned citizens on the road. It is my intention to serve the community of Altis and complete my training so I can receive my warrant from the Altis Government and Altis Security contractors to work as a Bounty Hunter or 'Judge' as my local community call it. I also mention I am a praying man, you will find me at the Pyrgos church where I give my benedictions before planning to execute the powers given to me on the rebels I have come to hate so much. I pray I am given only the chance to do some good before my time is up. A brief description about yourself (Your play style): I am a positive and mature player that appreciates a situation completely before responding. Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning: Yes I do. Thank you in advance for looking at my application. Harlstar
  14. sgt_pumkin1's whitelist

    +1 looks like you are playing well as a positive player on the server. Make sure with the potential responsibility of a whitelist role you are aware of the added rules and expectations of you.
  15. From the perspective of a pubbie it probably makes more sense and even could be entertaining