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  1. First day on the force [First 10 hours]

    Less cringy ones? Ill let you know if I find one. You are still a cadet in my eyes. You aren't my supervisor
  2. First day on the force [First 10 hours]

    @A Smart Idiot 1:38 that sound I would make when ever I drove my strider or flew a heli.
  3. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    I won't be putting my name down for the wheel but thank you Mike for putting this on for the community and wishing you a Very Merry Christmas
  4. Fuckin' Dog Squad...

    How does Paul's voice not put you to sleep? Legit question
  5. just joke ha

    Can't do a single rebel activity without CoSW trying to third party. That said they don't shoot either or try to take the objective from you they kinda just hope someone will walk into their LRPS from where ever they hide.
  6. When using a GCU

    Hmm not bad, not your best but not bad
  7. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Just in time for when I get back. This server is run by bloody legends. The new features are going to be great!!!
  8. Random Moments Compilation

    It was nice to revisit some good ol Heroes memories last night
  9. Terrorist Missions in Darkside

    Wasn't there a deer stand for you to sit in?
  10. Those Who Stand | The Darkside Life | Trailer

    I was one of those shithot operators that went to ground on contact!
  11. Martial Law

    And this sir is how you won the day.
  12. From the perspective of a pubbie it probably makes more sense and even could be entertaining
  13. Darkside Birthday (Purge - Special - Presents)

    @Huntah woke up the following day from a dream where I drove my cop dog fury to deliver you 10 unproc rock. Hahaha! Safe to say the purge left an impression on me most fun I have had in ages. Thanks to all server owners and staff for delivering such an awesome server and all the fun that comes with it!
  14. Damian. Kill Montage

    @Damian. bro could you do me a favor and at least put another paintjob or texture on that orca. The blue and white civilian look triggers me. Good montage brother, as always love the cop bits (there weren't many haha)
  15. Damian. Kill Montage

    Your cheeks still red from that spanking?