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  1. Those hanging around in Kavala may have been approached by some of our AEC (Altis Electoral Commission) officers tonight collecting census data. As everyone knows, all citizens of Altis are male, and as such the only marriage our great country allows is that of the same-sex variety. The government has been under a lot of pressure recently to allow those of the female persuasion into the country, and as a result, allow for the possibility of opposite-sex (straight) marriage. To help with their decision, AEC officers were out in force tonight, collecting citizens' feelings towards the concept in a voluntary plebiscite. Here are the de-identified results: Our politicians might use this data to support their decision if it aligns with their ideals. As always, all data is available via the Altis Bureau of Statistics for a nominal fee. ((This was just a bit of fun we had tonight. Thought I'd share the results for a laugh))
  2. Removing Apex Assets

    Like I said, not saying the change was unjustified. Just saying that's where some of the player pop has gone.
  3. Removing Apex Assets

    Active forum community is only a subset of the server's community. None of the 5 guys I played with even heard about the poll. Server was just gone one day. I'm not saying the decision to switch wasn't unjustified, but it's taken away what was unique about the server, so that's probably where a bunch of the playerbase has gone.
  4. Removing Apex Assets

    Not sure if my two cents count, but a lot of the guys I played with on Tanoa haven't felt like continuing on Altis. Tanoa made the gameplay unique and there wasn't another server that offered that. There still isn't a Tanoa server in Australia so I personally have just dropped life altogether. I saw the Tanoa server up the other day but was sad when I saw it's passworded. Anyway just another point of view.
  5. Altis Reborn

    So I notice Tanoa has gone down already, is it getting fully scrapped or have I just picked a window where it's offline to look for it? It's been fun, but I guess I'll have to hunt down another Tanoa server as I am SO tired of Altis...
  6. WANTED: Vehicle Upgrades Supplier

    Bit of an old post to reply to, but me and a friend are looking at setting up a business of this sort of you still require a supplier.