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  1. CoSW Recrutment Thread

    In Game Name: Saund Age: 14 Total Hours on Darkside: 50 not including wipes Total Hours on Arma 3: over 500 Have you been banned from the server before? Is so, tell us when and why you were banned: never Why have you come to apply for CoSW?: spuds and og Have you been a part of any other gangs? If so, list them: SYS What is your current bank balance (List any expensive items you might have as well inc. jets, armed vehicles or armoured vehicles): 500000 and two helis
  2. Im in bottom bit in recruitment lounge
  3. What is you TS I can't find it
  4. In game name: Saund Age:16 Do you have a mic: Yes Have you ever had any prior bans and why: No I have not Why do you want to join the IRA: Because I want to get involved with gangs again Tell us about yourself: I am a person from Australia I love fishing and gaming I also want to be a pilot when im older What Could you bring to the IRA [we do not care about your money]: I don't really know thats for you to decide Have you read all the server and IRA rules: Yes Thanks for potentially wasting your time to read my application ?
  5. Business Start Up advice

    What is a CCU
  6. Name Changes

    Than Easty to SaunZFd Please
  7. Name Changes

    Easty to Saund please
  8. ~ Save Your Souls | Official Clan Page ~

    How many hours of experience do you acquire on the Darkside? 33 hrs How many hours of experience do you acquire on Arma III itself? 425 Do you stand by all the Server Rules on the Darkside? Yes Do you think you have what it takes to be apart of our minority? Yes What brings you here? Being able to play with other people and make new friends What is you're preferred play style? i join groups How old are you? 13 Do you have a big dick? Yes Do you enjoy killing cops? (Personal Question) Kind of