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    welcome to Kavala (safe zone ?)

    learn the magic of the tilde key. Showing us their names when you look at them doing this shit, will actually aid us in cleaning the server of these Kav Trolls.
  2. DeeJai

    Please helppp!!!!

    windows + I ? should be going for windows + R anyway, if you are having difficulties getting into safe mode.. check out these other alternative options. Method 2 should work. https://www.digitalcitizen.life/4-ways-boot-safe-mode-windows-10 Else, can you boot up your internet, and download Malwarebytes?
  3. DeeJai

    Please helppp!!!!

    boot the system in safe mode, and run your virus scanners and malware scans https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/12376/windows-10-start-your-pc-in-safe-mode I would suggest running Malwarebytes from https://www.malwarebytes.com This is where I would start first. Afterwards, I would then look at your startup items and remove anything that is in there that you dont need to autorun on start.
  4. DeeJai


    Next minute. ADMIN Message: i died to glitch at rebel south, thats why i am breaking NLR
  5. DeeJai

    RIP Mexicans

    yeah, that was pretty much the same verbalization we had when in the channel we saw the kill feed. Lol... good work
  6. DeeJai

    Unban appeal Vegemite

    see there is a difference in the disconnect messages when you disconnect normally, Vs when you pull the plug, lose power or have a steam client issue. You my friend, did not lose power. And based on your note history. You have a tendency to combat log.. see you in a month
  7. DeeJai

    Raging Child

    keep this about the video ladies.. Remove the personal insults or directed attacks... Final warning
  8. DeeJai

    Raging Child

    well considering you decided to post it as entertainment and as a meme, before you decided to list it as VDM. I will not be punishing the member.
  9. DeeJai

    A Final Farewell to Darkside

  10. DeeJai

    I got nothing from server event

    ohhh shucks.. im a developaler
  11. DeeJai


    Huntah will look at your bug report and if thereis an issue, make the corrections needed. You just have to be patient.
  12. DeeJai


    Thats nice, but how did you filter to where only my bodies were?
  13. DeeJai

    Haggis Montage #101204 im bad at the game

    The best part of that montage was the black screen at the end. j/k GJ
  14. DeeJai


    All i can suggest then would be a modem/router restart and a computer restart. See how you guys go
  15. DeeJai


    keep searching, it most definitely is up and running 50+ people would back me up here try direct connecting using
  16. DeeJai


    having actually looked at the original Australia map, that one is a marked improvment. I wonder what the mod download size is for it with all the custom terrains and buildings. I think noting it was 40x40 or whatever he said, you would need a playerbase of 150+ to make it beneficial, else you would never cross paths with anyone what so ever. Very nice to watch, very doubtful to play.
  17. DeeJai

    666 need ghost recon back

    yes it was me, couldnt for the life of me find you, then i see your video and realise you had landed.. hahahaha
  18. DeeJai

    666 need ghost recon back

    U missed the follow on part where you were shot down by an RPG42.
  19. DeeJai

    v8 Super cars desync and rampage

    Just so you are aware, Kavala area makes up but 3% of Altis. Try exploring the remaining 97%
  20. DeeJai

    Anger management needed

    Its not so much the Anger management issues, its the RDM issues. I didnt hear any direct comms as a declaration, nor do i see any declaration message. Yiu got told to get away from the chopper, which you did and still go shot. Next time take this one to Help Desk to have the matter dealt with. As a result, you have lost a life, gear and also a chopper which i am sure was either chopped or blown up.
  21. DeeJai

    Salt was definitely in the sea that day

    DeeJai has the ability to talk in third and first person, I'm that good
  22. DeeJai

    Salt was definitely in the sea that day

    some of the most inaccurate shooting since DeeJai started playing Arma
  23. High ping when it only effects you is a client side issue and as such not compensatable. Sorry, but if your truck was not there when you got back, it was either destroyed by crashing, blwon up by police or stolen..
  24. DeeJai

    when you catch someone duping red handed

    I think the correct french term is branler pour faire des crêpes
  25. DeeJai

    Isaiah told you to be careful

    Cops are sooooooo OP