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  1. Hostage RP - Darkside

    somewhat reminiscent of the old days
  2. Still less then a modded server worth of download 😃
  3. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    [FU] Nuta Cause that whining little 12vie only got coal for Christmas this year
  4. FU Zachs at kore gas with a pawnee

    If you want videos of Zachs doing irresponsible stuff by crashing expensive equipment, come and ask me. I have a hard drive full of em
  5. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Well according to your gang list there was plenty of players around. Not my fault you guys were inactive and didnt update your playerlist. I mean only 2 weeks before you stated you would Clan war with FU Anytime Anywhere. (Perhaps there was fine print below saying except the next period where everyone will be inactive) Well the time came (we were down with numbers too ( high with alcohol however)) and you pulled the... "Sure, dec now when im the only one here" 😂 I look forward to seeing you guys in the battle for 300.
  6. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Ohh it happened. Believe me. I even have the graphic i made on my dropbox. skmething about its too close to Christmas. waaa waa People are on holidays raaa raaa. You only declare when no one is here. Blah blah. If the old forum info was saved,you would be able to find the dec and subsequent denial to said dec.
  7. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Well may as well discount those no longer around. *also since 666 is the only clan to refuse a war with FU out of those 4. The goats and the wannabe gods didnt fair to well
  8. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    It would only be fitting to see the first 2 Darkside OG gangs (still around) through to the final.
  9. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Well considerring i am in the middle of moving house. FU should do well. I mean, most of, if not all opposition points would have come from my deaths anyway
  10. When handing your self in goes wrong

    Thats not what i meant. i editted my post to add more context
  11. When handing your self in goes wrong

    Pretty bloody low. Could have used a higher caliber round. Make it fast. What the fuck are we? The execution squad from Breaker Morant?
  12. map markers not working

    Perhaps the GPS is effected by the high levels of titanium in your hips and knees which reverb the satillite response in different directions ooff your zimmer frame
  13. YiD's Break

  14. This is What happens when people camp south Rebel xD

    This is becomming more and more frequent as small gangs / groups attempt to rustle up some cash, however it is good to see the bigger clans offerring some protection at these location for those who are just trying to gear up and take the fight elsewhere.