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  1. DeeJai

    Isaiah told you to be careful

    Cops are sooooooo OP
  2. DeeJai

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    Well i mean they had plenty of time before what with having no players to administer and all.
  3. DeeJai

    Being farmed by TBE

    Oh, you think I was threatening you. that's cute. Again, here you guys go by making accusations " this does not happen ever nor does any gang abide by that statement (including 666)." I think it is time for you to just take a breath. Either come forward with your own evidence or go and sit in the corner. You're passive aggressive comments realistically, shine a darker shade in these topics. If you guys want to be known as the clan that picks on new players, go hard.. However, as I mentioned before
  4. DeeJai

    Being farmed by TBE

    I don't see any relevance in your post. You were robbing a hospital, making it a KOS zone, so he had every right to shoot you there. Yes, the shooting at oumere was potentially wrong (but so was also not valuing your own life when an armed person told you to get out or he would shoot you), and for that, you should have taken it to TeamSpeak. You state that this occurred back on 16 Jul. Considering Tempest has approx. 50 hours on the server, I can assume at that stage he would have had maybe 5 - 10 hours. He killed you initially legally and likely went to chop your helicopter to get some cash for it to start his cash flow. That situation ended on the 16th Jul. Im sure you died multiple times since then and as such should have no memory of the events that would have occurred in the life mod. To me, it seems that there is just some sort of potentially deliberate action occurring to them because of what did happen (by someone with 1/6th the play time as you). I am going to be keeping a close watch on this (as im sure other staff will be) and if as Scorp said, the toxicity rises, we will provide a pretty deliberate solution to it.
  5. DeeJai

    Being farmed by TBE

    did someone say 'Clan War' ???
  6. DeeJai

    HA | Axx - Trade Chat Scamming

    no, it is within the trade chat / PM. If you make a verbal agreement with someone, you always follow up with the deal in a PM (then screenshot) which is the confirmation of a binding deal
  7. DeeJai

    HA | Axx - Trade Chat Scamming

    Alright, let me just start by saying that this is completely unacceptable. "Trades become binding upon both players agreeing upon a price, players that fail to follow through a binding trade are to be considered trolling." Noting that you have been registered on the Darkside forums for over 3 years @Deathaxx , I sincerely doubt you have never heard that rule, which has been on the website originally since June 2016.
  8. DeeJai

    Joining Teamspeak

    Teamspeak address: ts.thedarksidegames.com:10004 When you get to the holding cell, please message one of the staff members so you can have a member tag added,. This will then allow you to move throughout the TS channels.
  9. DeeJai

    Building System Issues.

    You can read the guidelines in the F2 menu or even the base building rules post on the forums.. ' Scripted event areas include but are not limited to: Police departments, Security HQs, hostage areas, rebel outposts, the Darkside National Bank, the jail, the Tanoa Research Facility, Fort Knox, the Tanoa Power/EMP Station, drug/mineral fields, gang hideouts, and hospitals. ' Each of these have scripted events at them. Some other things that have scripted events about or around them are Police Checkpoints, Processing facilities, Gas Stations, Spy spawn locations, Chopper mission item spawn locations, Whitelist Civ and police mission spawn locations, Vehicle Garage Spawn locations, Car/Truck/Air shop spawns, Chop Shops. If it is going to prevent another player from accessing an interactable object/marker/sign within the mission file, then you cant place your building stuff there. yes, most (maybe not all) of the additional locations i have listed may have the scripted regulations occur to them, there would be nothing more disheartening to a player, then to be blocked out of using something that has been placed there for them to use, and nothing more degrading then having an admin remove an item you have placed that has used a heap of resources to create (no comp).
  10. DeeJai

    How to Pubbie Part 1+2

    Ah yeah my bad. Advanced weapon
  11. DeeJai

    How to Pubbie Part 1+2

    Yes it is. the SPAR16S is not
  12. DeeJai

    These quick instincts today xD

    Where is the next 30 seconds of the first video where your instincts failed you and you had a sudden spontaneous explosion ending your life. Hint..... it definately wasnt caused by the taser rifles of the poor pub cops in GTown the two pawnees were attacking.....
  13. DeeJai

    Clickers Montage of retarded skill

    Lots of shots based on your montage.
  14. DeeJai

    server ddos?

    im guessing he didnt win?
  15. DeeJai

    server ddos?

    No need for that. As for the servers stability, not everything is a DDOS attempt when the server lags, drops or is offline. The server is hosted commercially, and occasionally, these servers, have pipeline issues with its own internet connection host. Unfortunately, shit happens sometimes, but it is not always malicious