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  1. Easy money (STARTER)

    obviously the fact that this is listed in the ' Civilian Guides (Legal) ' section of the forums was lost on you
  2. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    Hmm kidnapping vehicle or.............. ICE CREAM TRUCK. @Huntah @Luke 😁
  3. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    simple.. they fork out cash for the DLC
  4. New White-listed Officers

    request addition again please.
  5. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    When did we get upgraded from 14.4k? That might explain why i dont see people before they kill me. Hmmmmmmmmm Loving the ambulances
  6. Altis Merchant Guild

    Good luck with your gang. But if i were you (and im glad im not) I would be cautious because If you keep publicising your fucken male to male style fascination with discord on the forums and in game, in a way which insults the hard work of the heirachial leaders, you are likely to feel the heat from the them. I doubt they will endure much more of it.
  7. any chance we can have the old school skins back for one night... i want to fly in that wipeout with the usa and aus flags on it.....
  8. Unfortunately no mention of being a paedophile but here is the video with Nuta in the background And here is the chopping of the wipeout. Ahhh Meh hair hair ear Car! @JimBobz @Nuta (Balls Deep) @Atra
  9. Insert something about great minds and something or other
  10. I think i have the video somewhere. I also have the video of the first wipeout chopped on Darkside. 😃 (No towing of vehicles available then)
  11. Can we have titan launchers to combat air vehicles from the ground (real ammo, not fuel darts) W00t. Original crew
  12. August Clan Base Updates

    Farmers Union Adding - [FU] Riley Fades -76561198077788079 - [FU] Frank Ocean -76561198063869169 - [FU] Whitegang -76561198086133961
  13. ARA Recruitment

    Good Luck. and as for you @Dion and @Timmy Jimson, does it matter what their structure is like? If they want to have heaps of ranks, that's their choice.
  14. Show us ya rig!

    Tax time is coming which means some potential upgrades. (Obviously wont help my game play but ehhh)
  15. I know you have been waiting, well, wait no longer. Unfortunately deaths have not been coming as rapidly this past week or so, most likely because I have been wrapped in bubble wrap, in preperation for the Farmer's Party, which is due to commence when the next full moon is at its fullest. I have used my time wisely, learning all the ins and outs of video editting, and can say, this is near professional. The only thing that could make the editting any better, would be figuring out a way I can introduce both minesweeper and Microsoft Paint into the video. If you want to recap, previous entries, check out these, else watch the new video below.