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  1. Faction Balancing

    have to remember that the factions are only 1 month old, so there will likely be some sort of adjustments made by the dev team if they see them unbalanced. I personally, dont think some of the perks for crafting guild should be applicable (scope sway, stun armour % increase ) noting that the types of quests you are given, really dont lend itself to such a reward. But thats just my take on it as a member of the crafters guild. I cant talk to the other factions perks as i havent tried them.
  2. Meme Page

    Is that fucken for real?? What the fuck!!
  3. FizZe on break

    Yeah i remember 4th term of kindergarten. was a true fucken killer.
  4. Jowel's Butchery

    Some very nice snipes there
  5. Basic Crafting Calculator

    To help those players out with some of the changes to the crafting this server wipe. I have updated the Crafting Calculator with a majority of the new values. I will continuously update them, so please be sure to grab the latest version if you are in doubt. ENJOY https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2ir7_T3iLDmeVZOeHJkeWt4VGc Remember! You will need to download the file to use the drop down menu to select an item.
  6. Change Log (8th October 2017)

    My fguess would be you could pick it up but not wear it. Unless you had the required rep level
  7. When RAG Fucks with CoSW

    Tears. Fight it out on the killing fields you keyboard warriors you.....
  8. Russia's Alpha Group Clan base App

    Theres a shop down the road that can sell chips to accompany some of the salt here. Who cares if they DEC at an outpost. So long as it is within the confines of the rules. Remember, rebel outposts are for rebels and as such are not a walk in the dandline fields kind of area. They are riaky locations. Had many interactions with them. Still a junior clan but they would benefit from a clan base.
  9. When RAG Fucks with CoSW

    Must have been at GH1. Soon to be renamed RAG DeathZone 1.
  10. When RAG Fucks with CoSW

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn or meme
  11. Older Gamers

    atari 2600, followed by the Commodore 64, then the Atari 520st.... ahh those were the days
  12. Older Gamers

    Disks..... pffft. try cassette where you had to fast forward to a specific number before you typed .load xxxxxx. On a slightly different note. ATARI are relaunching the 2600 as a home theatre item. $320 is apparently what it will cost, preloaded with the original games!!!!
  13. Mithzaron Antics - Medic

    I have a very strange feeling that this medical professional who has german heritage and an indian accent, may in fact not hold a registered and certified medical certificate for employment in Altis. I feel that the use of vodka in most, if not all of these patients was infact the wrong medication and dosage. The correct treatment to stop "metastocised bones" after a serious wound, as everyone knows is bourbon and doritos and even this treatment should not be done if surgery is required. I implore the medical facalties of Altis to investigate this rogue self proclaimed medical professional and prosocute him to the dull extent of the law............ Great vid....
  14. Screenshots

    fuck, that's seriously asking a lot.