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  1. Unknown

    Interstellar meme

    Man you dodged those bullets like i dodge my assignments
  2. Unknown

    First day of wipe on Altis roads

    I do not think you rember the 4 frame machine that well then..... i couldn't even record with mine, i have use my phone. If you really wany to remeber, when i get home and am able to play ill boot it up and update arma so i can show you, this is if it will even load the game still. So ill see everyone in around a weeks time.
  3. Unknown

    RIP Mexicans

    Trump dont need the wall, he just needs you.
  4. Unknown

    KOH Hospital Robbery

    Now let me get this straight, you brought a RPG to kore hospo with 5-6 rpg ammo and you didn't even get one kill, nor disable a vehicle, helpful tip - use a SMG scope on the ASP so it's only range is 100m, while it didn't look like your bullets were off I find a scope ranged to 100m on that gun is like god work. This really is some content, love the way you incorporated my old frame rate in near the end 10/10
  5. Unknown

    I got nothing from server event

    only question I have left is whats the max points you can get. i know what the max prize is on cop i was just wondering how many points you would need to get it.
  6. Unknown

    I got nothing from server event

    I thought it was 100m, thanks for clarifying
  7. Try 4fps lol, nar anyone that doesnt have atlest 30fps feel sorry. Whats that pop up with bullet travel? Have never seen that.
  8. Unknown

    My Potato Pc, Adventure

    "He's dead who's spraying his dead corpse, you're so fucked up" You never know, my frames might say i'm still alive.
  9. Unknown


    One more thing i would add to this would be to clear your mission file cache, this will get rid of all the old server updates and make sure the game is trying to access the right one. This is also good for saving a few Mb or Gb if you're lacking on storage. This will however make you download the mission file again but it will take less time then trying to uninstall anything. I cant give you help on how to get to this folder however i'm sure someone else will know as its been too long sense I've done it.
  10. Unknown

    Shot of the year?

    Not one of my best upload strats but here you go Next video will have this one but better ^ First 2 kills and at 2:39 https://youtu.be/Q1GTS-ogUtw
  11. Unknown


    the amount of processing power to run this map would be insane, with the desktop i have i only got 30-40 FPS (still a good amount) on ultra with the view distance down low to try and limit the frames drops. But i do think it is a sick map, dont like how rocky is on the map but Mackay isnt, Mackay is almost if not just a big a rocky now and better (Both are still shit tho), same story with Cains and townsville.
  12. Unknown


    Well we just found the most broken OP spot in the game. Finns i thought mine was a bit weird but i just ruled it to an arma physics thing. But wow, yours takes it to a hole new level.
  13. Unknown


    We'veall had it happen.
  14. Unknown

    v8 Super cars desync and rampage

    nice NLR at 0.36