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  1. ArcadiaM

    Day 7 War Update

    This is legit just a Vid stolen from simple historys channel with some names over it. At least put a few recordings from in game in the vid.
  2. ArcadiaM

    Old School Videos

    Some Vids From Tanoa and before.
  3. ArcadiaM

    Jordy Skylash - Darkside "Memetage"

    Nice Meme
  4. ArcadiaM

    Joining Teamspeak channel

    Sorted. Welcome to the Darkside
  5. ArcadiaM

    Tribute to the Zafir

    Fair enough saying that others don't have a taste when it comes to music is a bit over the top.
  6. ArcadiaM

    Tribute to the Zafir

    Nope i just have this thing called taste in music.
  7. ArcadiaM

    Tribute to the Zafir

    Zafir is bae. Also thank god someone made a montage with real music not just some generic dubstep bullshit.
  8. ArcadiaM

    R.I.P SK

    If you guys have problems with a gangs actions please take it up with server staff. Throwing around accusations on the forums gets nobody anywhere.
  9. ArcadiaM

    TFO gets some summer loving

    Textbook ambush you set up there nice work.
  10. ArcadiaM

    wall glitching through H barriers

    Surprised it didnt just eat him like at Air HQ
  11. ArcadiaM

    Blackfoot Down

    Yeah im pretty shit with a pawnee/hellcat armed. Need to get some practice in soon.
  12. ArcadiaM

    Blackfoot Down

    During standard patrols on Christmas eve we got reports of a blackfoot going from gang hideout to gang hideout. AFP Pawnees move to scout out the target and intercept the chopper. Upon arrival the chopper being operated by the Bad Hombres gang was told to land. After the Blackfoot tried to perform evasive maneuvers it was fully engaged and destroyed by 2 Pawnees and 1 Armed hellcat Piloted By Constable Edward Constable ArcadiaM and Sergent Unknown.
  13. After responding to a chop shop we had a rebel attempt to flee the scene Constable ArcadiaM and his Police Dog Wolfy the 22nd started to track down the fugitive with the help of fellow officers on the scene.
  14. ArcadiaM

    Lil cop interaction

    You on crack or something man.
  15. ArcadiaM

    Wota Gangs Complimation of Cancer

    My god the ear rape. The title seems pretty accurate though