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  1. ArcadiaM

    Building System Issues.

    Well turns out the Checkpoint protection extends further than 300m so thats what stopped me. Either way thanks to all who assisted me with this issue the help is appreciated.
  2. ArcadiaM

    Building System Issues.

    @Huntah Would you be able to clarify if the script covers Civ processors and Checkpoints within 300m. Because depending on whether i build a little to the keft or right changes things even if im still the exact same distance away.
  3. ArcadiaM

    Building System Issues.

    Thank you for the clarification. I had fully read the base building rules and i asked the question because the places i asked about werent listed there as i did not realise Civ proccesing would be considered a scripted event and i wasnt sure on the checkpoint and i was unsure if they would count since my house is 200M away from proccesing and 400M away from checkpoint. Because i am getting a server side message saying i couldnt build and the nearby places were not listed so i did not know if they were included in the script stopping you from building. So my main question was if that is the reason i was getting the server side script stpping me from building was because of the locations nearby or if it was due to some other error as i do not know how the housing system script works as i can place some items down in some location's in the area im building and some areas i cant even if there the same distance from the processor or checkpoint even if there the same distance away.
  4. ArcadiaM

    Building System Issues.

    No im pretty sure i am clear. Also just curious is that a Script Restrictions on those places. And Does Rebel Checkpoints and Processors Count
  5. ArcadiaM

    Building System Issues.

    Im Trying to build a small compound and for some reason i seem to be getting a message saying you cannot build here. I Would like to know what causes this message as as far as i know i am building in a Area that is within regulations. Are there any specific things that trigger there message so i can avoid them ?
  6. ArcadiaM

    Day 7 War Update

    This is legit just a Vid stolen from simple historys channel with some names over it. At least put a few recordings from in game in the vid.
  7. ArcadiaM

    Old School Videos

    Some Vids From Tanoa and before.
  8. ArcadiaM

    Jordy Skylash - Darkside "Memetage"

    Nice Meme
  9. ArcadiaM

    Joining Teamspeak channel

    Sorted. Welcome to the Darkside
  10. ArcadiaM

    Tribute to the Zafir

    Fair enough saying that others don't have a taste when it comes to music is a bit over the top.
  11. ArcadiaM

    Tribute to the Zafir

    Nope i just have this thing called taste in music.
  12. ArcadiaM

    Tribute to the Zafir

    Zafir is bae. Also thank god someone made a montage with real music not just some generic dubstep bullshit.
  13. ArcadiaM

    R.I.P SK

    If you guys have problems with a gangs actions please take it up with server staff. Throwing around accusations on the forums gets nobody anywhere.
  14. ArcadiaM

    TFO gets some summer loving

    Textbook ambush you set up there nice work.
  15. ArcadiaM

    wall glitching through H barriers

    Surprised it didnt just eat him like at Air HQ