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  1. Nikita

    is that a fly hitting my head

    we dont accept lynx kills in here thats an expected one shot no matter what lol
  2. just bobch eating some 6.5 to the head like its literally nothing, and then a mar-10 shot to the head also again like its nothing
  3. Nikita

    The Ninja Strikes again

    ughhh its like jsrs or something @PapaSmurf
  4. Nikita

    The Ninja Strikes again

    got some more sneaky kills when pulling cops out of their tanks sadly i failed on the second one not sure where my bullets went
  5. Nikita

    i thought i got a tank :(

    i was a real ninja and made my move in the end it didnt pay off. Just something that happened in last nights kos event
  6. can confirm cops eat zafir bullets gotta use full mag just to kill two. If you watch my video you get a good feel for it
  7. little 1v5 that just happened while in first person
  8. Nikita

    Easy 8 kills

    Here is my gang getting an easy 8 man frag was honestly too easy couldnt even fit all the kills in the feed