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  1. Paul

    Benns Montage

    Those M320 kills though
  2. Paul

    campbell the rap god

    um what's this got to do with the Darkside?
  3. Paul

    hatchback sport song

    Don't give up that day job.
  4. Paul

    Citizens Arrest

  5. Paul

    Rikimaru's Time At Cheakpoint 3

    hell yeah nice to see sec owning
  6. Oh now thats a for roleplay
  7. Thought about stealing the hunter lol
  8. Paul

    So You Think You Got What It Takes?

    we miss you too Travis. good times good times
  9. Paul

    Timmy Jimson Montage #4

    always be haters. music is aids tho
  10. omg the laaaaaggggg
  11. Paul

    bad_module_info has stoped working

    Removed Blast Core and JSRS mods and managed to connect.
  12. Paul

    bad_module_info has stoped working

    I am getting the same error at the end of the mission file download. Only 7 people online will delete mission files and retry.