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  1. Papi

    Raging Child

    I think that kid had a demon in him.
  2. Papi


    He seems to be pointing at something maybe its Swerve's unban appeal lol
  3. Papi


    The real meme is that you believed the rumor I started about my age in the first place. Salty much from failing the 666 trial?
  4. Papi


    everyone is
  5. I am trying to build the MK30 HMG .50 but keeps saying I don't have the required materials. is the Vehicle Ammo Upgrade the same as the Land Vehicle Ammo Upgrade? Can anyone please help?
  6. Papi

    Want A Balloon

    Yes. We do drop-offs and pick-ups for all the surrounding towns in Altis for free. All you have to do is sign-up. You remember your experiences in Papi's school for gifted children don't you Dingo. Papi remembers you.
  7. Papi

    Want A Balloon

    You want a balloon Rustle?
  8. Papi


    Would be too small maybe good for CQB
  9. Papi

    My Favourite Darkside Moments

    I might use that lol
  10. Papi

    Fox News Live In Kavala

    All news runs for an hour