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  1. Papi

    All i can say is, This is Hardy.

    This is why I quit the cop force
  2. Papi

    Just some clips of cop tonight

    Destroying the GCU with the rebels still in it, absolute classic lol
  3. Papi

    I Need A Hero

  4. Papi

    Will You Wait For Me Jitzie

    hahahaha forgot about that
  5. Papi


    Hey that's my hemtt giving birth not for public consumption
  6. Papi

    Benns Montage

    Those M320 kills though
  7. Papi

    campbell the rap god

    um what's this got to do with the Darkside?
  8. Papi

    hatchback sport song

    Don't give up that day job.
  9. Papi

    Citizens Arrest

  10. Papi

    Rikimaru's Time At Cheakpoint 3

    hell yeah nice to see sec owning
  11. Oh now thats a for roleplay
  12. Thought about stealing the hunter lol
  13. Papi

    So You Think You Got What It Takes?

    we miss you too Travis. good times good times