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  1. Jedifool

    Interstellar meme

    White Dog for SWAT
  2. Jedifool


    Is it possible to learn this power?
  3. Jedifool

    NSFW Weekend plans

    Congrats on drone squad IceBrg lol
  4. Jedifool

    Server Wipe Be Like

    or you could have used them in ops, would have got the same outcome...
  5. Jedifool

    My Server Event Highlights (30-11-18)

    4:48 nice overtake lol
  6. Jedifool

    Shot of the year?

  7. Jedifool

    The cops picked the wrong people to trail

    What gang is this? I look forward to coming across you guys in the future
  8. Jedifool

    when you catch someone duping red handed

    My thanks, however this could not have been achieved without the APD's finest linguistics officer who translated for the baguette squad.
  9. Jedifool

    Progressive Development

    I don't think a pdw drone is going to help for shit against navid spam lol
  10. Jedifool

    Another 2 man research.......

    I for one enjoyed this quality content, Just not as good as Paul though.
  11. Jedifool

    LSD Comms

    Some people need to stop playing gay porn whilst on ops........
  12. Jedifool

    LSD Comms

    The cancer was stronk, as usual.......
  13. Maybe if you parked on the other side I wouldn't have lost my APDS lynx
  14. Hopefully It's entertaining enough to waste 3 minutes on. Let me know what you think, enjoy!
  15. Jedifool


    LSD ifrit convoy Way back with Black water mercenaries. Getting my chopper stuck in power lines Getting rescued by the police