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  1. XplosiveNarwhal

    Ping Issues

    Got it fixed now my dudes, had to do a restart on the PC. Thanks for the help though!
  2. XplosiveNarwhal

    Ping Issues

    Unfortunately I have tried most of these, I think its just the American side of the world has too many issues lol.
  3. XplosiveNarwhal

    Ping Issues

    Hello, firstly I would like to say how much I am enjoying the server. Best server I've been on so far. However, after the recent restart that implemented the billboards around the jobs depot, and markets, I have been getting massive jumps in my ping that bug out my TS and game itself. The last few days have done this, but prior to it, I haven't had any issues with ping, lag, or keeping connection. If anybody has any tips let me know. Many Regards, Narwhal