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  1. Name Changes

    No need to bump this thread, Bartender gets to the name changes when he can as he is busy doing other head administrator tasks. Just be patient, thanks.
  2. Help Desk Applications - 2/1/2018

    Listen its great that everyone is being enthusiastic for their mates and tagging them but lets be honest Its @Special or nothing.
  3. trucky needs to lean to drive

    And those are the same people that are like "Oh ace i don't have any evidence for my game issue but can you please believe me"
  4. ask

    Yeah you must of just misread it.. I spoke to the cops about, all good mate.
  5. ask

    It wasn't destroyed it was impounded, if you start another mission at the jobs depo it will give you another truck to do another mission with. The reason it was impounded was because you evaded police for over 10 minutes in game and when they finally caught you the police decided to impound it. (I wasn't online for this but this is what was explained to me.)
  6. Wipe Cop Statistics

    Yeah the boys! Great work! Keep it up, dream team right here. @Swerve73 @Rzqt @Shadow @Netch @VIP3R
  7. Dedicated Staff Positions

    No one will ever comp like Enrique
  8. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Who comes up with this stuff, It sounds great can't wait to actually play it...
  9. Lost all gear and all my money

    Hey buddy, @Salami spoke to you in helpdesk and told you write up a comp request, the template is on the forums. here is a quick link for it.
  10. Montage Volume I

    kill yourself
  11. Screenshots

  12. Guardian | Kill Montage 7

    +1 I approve of the 21 savages
  13. CoSW is back baby

    Im gonna neck if i see another thread regarding CoSW "CoSW is Back Baby" "CoSW Tribute" "CoSW Thankyou"
  14. WET FART Whilst playing

    the fuck is this?
  15. Terrorist Missions in Darkside

    nah its because you dont play