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  1. I think you're abit late
  2. HB darkside memories of deputy chief Finn, the ACTU, rocking up to gas stations in Hunters before the rule sneaking into fort with the dream team myself and cadets Karl and Magus and disabling safe crackers while all of the civs were still inside the building. When Nuta was about to wipe FU with a Kaj but the idiot was soloing it and crashed into the mountain All the memories of AoW, Kevin, Bar, winning the first clan event When Bar first started sniping and was hitting 1.5k shots just by using the dots on the scope, then he found out about zeroing and starting hitting 2.8k shots. Rip and my personal favourite was when you got released from Jail at prygos church and one time myself, Deejai and a couple FU members kidnapped someone from in front and he called meta game and Deejai said "I looked in the paper and it said that a convicted pedofile was going to be released from Prison today after severing 30 years" the guy shut the fuck up hahahaha Here's to many more!
  3. Meme Page

    does that mean we can tell people that 666 is recruiting? hahaha
  4. Farewell

    Laterz mate! When you get RDM complaints for dodgy medical practices ill do your legal cases for free
  5. Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation

    that intro triggered my epilepsy
  6. Show us ya rig!

    Aye fam that looks fucking cleannnnn.
  7. The Fallen Order | M y l e Z | Moments & Memes

    hahahhahahaha first person maybe?
  8. Meme Page

  9. turn down volume

    duh dah du du dah du dah dah du dah, dah I have a retarded cop wait no hes not even cop hes security what a meme hes not good enough to be a cop XD-XD-XD-XD-XD you're not good enough... someone call a record label this guy is going places..
  10. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Im the 100th comment, so i should clearly win
  11. Haggis Montage 9

    The music choice is A1
  12. Messaging Police During Combat

    Just a reminder that this is not a discussion. So do not start commenting your opinion on the matter.
  13. Clan event Location

    you'd be surprised. last clan event on altis people were driving through towns that i was crafting in so I got a couple of kills like that.
  14. Unauthorised G-Docs Link Distribution

    good was gonna ask that it be changed to this.
  15. Change Log (22/9/16)

    Hahaha no more buying 500 police lives as a pubcop and keeping them when you rank up