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  1. Ace

    Lynx Kills and Shit

    Most interesting part of this video
  2. Ace

    The Popperitis - Grand Reveal

    I loved this shit
  3. Ace

    Sean's montage #1

    Listen great work - excellent officer - You're gonna be better than @Mithzaron ever was
  4. Ace

    WTF just happened

  5. Ace

    campbell the rap god

    Bro say the word and ill hook you up with lil tayyyyy - "youngest flexer of the century"
  6. Ace

    HA Montage 4

    Good close up shots... better than fucking half these other montages where they snipe a pubcop while he runs through a field.
  7. Ace

    Dope ass song.

    Hopsin's Best Song
  8. Ace

    John Bone first montage

    @Huntah the music is Rey Mysterio right???
  9. Ace

    Guardian | Kill Montage 8

    A$AP Ferg is the only good thing about this montage
  10. Ace

    Assistance on TS3

  11. Ace

    Montage III

    You know that's just you who knows that yeah?
  12. Ace

    Ban Appeak for police team

    Hey Buddy firstly that is the template that must be followed regardless if its a blacklist (being removed from cop) or a ban Also this is in the wrong section, post your new unblacklist appeal in the ban disputes section of the forums not in technical support. Thanks