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  1. and as for the clips I've got 2 or 3 shots maybe but only 1 was a good kill but didn't have the bullet hit recorded
  2. I’ll have to check what cpu I’m getting would it run on a msi I’ll get the specific msi in a sec but just in a game atm so I’ll let ya know
  3. It’s one of the custom controls think it’s number. 16
  4. on cop quite a bit now it’s a bit annoying trying to help with 15-30 FPS but try to make do
  5. Haha I would but nah was in a tank for most of it and only got one good snipe
  6. Yeah I know I didn’t do a whole compilation was first time using the editing software so I was testing it out
  7. I'll get used to it someday, this is just a bit of tonight's kos event thought id upload and try to edit this, sorry if music too loud or if some stuff isn't tip-top just got this editing software today just give some positive feedback on what I can do better next time cheers! just trying to get used to it all...
  8. Mr.Pig


    Excuse me that was to thwart off the rebels so they'd be afraid it was the anti-terrorist alarm, a civ got to close so it self-destructed and now its used to scare off the thots from stealing it
  9. Mr.Pig

    My Potato Pc, Adventure

    Cheers bawss
  10. Mr.Pig

    My Potato Pc, Adventure

    This is a video of piggies potato pc at a power station getting 5 kills nothing impressive just me being a potato player, yes ive got a potato pc thats why its potato quality, and terrible editing so yeah dads not proud
  11. Mr.Pig

    Just some clips of cop tonight

    Really ashamed ya didn’t show the clip of me doming you