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  1. Farewell :)

    Hi all, I decided now would be a great time to get my life together and do something useful. I've been on the Darkside for nearly 2 years and have made so many great mates, but it's time to start a new chapter in my life. Over 1700 hours, about 1.2% of my life has been spent playing on this server with so many great people, but it's time to do something other than being pushed around by middle-aged men sitting at their computers (that's what I got a job in retail for ). Jokes aside, thanks to nolegs to whipping out his huge dick of anti-kav-trolling and banning me and wasaiki, as we've figured out what we've been wasting our lives on. We may be back on in future but for now, thanks for the goofs and gabs and I hope you all have nice lives and eat all the nutella, Reese's peanut butter cups (MVP's will understand) and vegemite you possibly can (marmite is a lie). y'all can add me on steam if you wish: Steammmmm -meme <3 just to clarify, we only got a 2 week @Mithzaron
  2. Wasaiki Montage

  3. Wasaiki Montage

    1:21 just want to um
  4. SkyTeam is now Hiring!

    No, that's not correct. @Rustle Wasaiki and I own FTC for now, I also own SkyTeam (not SkyMax), however, once I get SkyTeam up and running (especially if we go for business base) I will not be running FTC, I will still be in it but Wasaiki and Sparticas will run and manage it, and I won't be on the clan base until there is a solution that allows me to be on both business and clan bases.
  5. SkyTeam is now Hiring!

    its not animal abuse if they can't consent
  6. SkyTeam is now Hiring!

    God you're quick GCU hire is on the downlow, we contract a guy to hire a guy to contract another guy to teach a cat to hire a contractor to hire a contractor that tells his grandma to hire a contractor that contracts a guy to hire a seal to get his dad to tell wasaiki to get his GCU out
  7. SkyTeam is now Hiring!

    Hopefully! Thanks for the support!
  8. SkyTeam is now Hiring!

    At SkyTeam, we want to revolutionise your daily commute. We offer many services for affordable prices, and we want employees to help get you to your final destination! Message us on Teamspeak or through Forums to enquire about prices. Some of the services we offer are: - Air taxi - Quest assistance - Resource delivery/movement - Heavy vehicle air shipping - Air vehicle hire - Auto-miner hire - CCU hire - VIP transport & Aircraft charter - Air-to-ground security - Air scouting - GCU hire coming soon (At a very affordable price!) If you want us to do something that isn't mentioned above, send us a message! Employees will get the chance to fly around Altis, transporting some of the island's wealthiest and most powerful moguls! APPLICATION In-game name: Age: Flying experience on Arma 3 (Rate on a scale of 1-10 (1 being worst): Are you fully competent in operating the following? (Mark with Y or N, mark X if you have never operated one) This includes landings on short grass runways and using VTOL systems on aircraft that feature it. X-32 Xi'an VTOL: Caesar: Huron: Neophron: F/A-18 X Black Wasp: Mohawk: Do you have combat skills, to the point where you would have a decent chance at defending your aircraft while waiting for police in the case of a robbery? List all air vehicles and HEMTT vehicles you own currently or can buy (it helps if our employees have their own vehicles they can use): Do you understand that helping keep this business afloat requires a lot of effort and team work? If you are accepted, what is your preferred place? (Number in order of highest to lowest priority, 1 being highest, 3 being lowest.) Pilot: Flight attendant/cabin manager: Security team: Other (optional):
  9. Screenshots

    1am goofs and gaffs with the boys
  10. Fallen Trolls Combined (FTC) Recruitment

    @Predator036 Welcome to FTC Note: Sort of sad but we can work on that. Make sure you read the rules for FTC, this includes NO TROLLING, no matter what @Wasaiki says or does. Teamspeak passwords will be directly messaged to you on the forum.
  11. Fallen Trolls Combined (FTC) Recruitment

    @Eclipse Welcome to FTC Note: 1km is fucking weak. Finna get you some hott skills on the 320. Make sure you read the rules for FTC, this includes NO TROLLING, no matter what @Wasaiki says or does. Teamspeak passwords will be directly messaged to you on the forum.
  12. Fallen Trolls Combined (FTC) Recruitment

    @MaGik MaN Welcome to FTC Note: Due to your past bans, while you're a trial, you will be kicked from the gang immediately if any rules are broken, no questions asked, no matter the seriousness of the issue. Teamspeak passwords will be directly messaged to you on the forum.
  13. Russia's Alpha Group

    Good luck, can't wait to see a FTC v RAG battle -meme
  14. Fallen Trolls Combined (FTC) Recruitment

    I know what your issue is Joharness, however... We are trolls, but if you actually read the post, it says: I can totally understand your concern for this, however, as stated above, Wasaiki and myself have put in -and will continue to implement- various guidelines for our gang members that must be followed. If those rules are broken without the person notifying an owner or Mayor of FTC, they will be kicked or suspended for 2 or more weeks, no questions asked. I knew this would be of concern to some people, and I wish to address any further issues totally before going any further in the gang clan base process. I will not allow stupidity or reckless composure of one's self in my gang. PM me or find me on Teamspeak if you have any other thoughts or concerns. EDIT: I might just add, you will see us doing hospitals and gas stations a lot. We hope for a tight-knit community in this gang, for the most part, we simply won't have the firepower to do larger operations. We will try to every now and again, but it probably won't happen too often.