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  1. Killer Memestar

    Wasaiki Montage

  2. Killer Memestar

    Wasaiki Montage

    1:21 just want to um
  3. Killer Memestar


    1am goofs and gaffs with the boys
  4. Killer Memestar

    Remembrance for Harambae

    idk where you've been but I presume its somewhere without internet cause the harambe meme is dead fam, died about 2 days after soccer mums started posting it on facebook.
  5. Killer Memestar

    Wasaiki Montage

    It baffles me that you're still allowed to own vehicles on this server I counted 6 rule breaks... ...6 of which I was involved in.
  6. Killer Memestar

    Operation "The Fallen Orangutans"

    4:30 rogue titan launcher
  7. +===============~~~+---=+=---+~~~===============+
    G'day cunnies
    You've probably seen me around in my 18+ months on The Darkside under one of these shitty names:

              [APO] Killer Memestar
              (Officer) Roast Ham
              [Mechanic] Tr.oll
              [Medic] BeGoneThot 


    ++  Hard Earned Achievements (as of 23/06/17):  ++
    = Whitelisted Civilian - 14/09/16 =
    = Completed Mechanic Quest line - Sometime in January =
    = Completed Medic Quest line - Sometime early 2017 =
    = Promoted to Security LVL 1 
    (Demoted since due to inactivity after wipe) =

    ++  Mediocre Achievements (as of 23/06/17):  ++
    = Gang history: RoG, MSO, SOG , TDA, SaS, APO (and smaller irrelevant ones)  =
    = 3,000th post on "Video Sharing" (proof - post) =
    = Perk Level 3 (200 Hours on DS) =
    = (Still compiling list due to aids memory) =

    Current goals (as of 23/06/17):
    = Whitelisted Officer [Progress: Working on pub cop quests, waiting for interview] = 
    = Perk Level 4 (750 Hours) [Progress: ~250 hours (as of 23 June)] =

    STEAM ACCOUNT STATS (IN PROGRESS, Let me know which signature you like.)


    My Steam Profile (As of 24 June 17)

    • Worth: $262 ($182 with sales)
    • Games owned: 49
    • Games not played: 28 (57%)
    • Hours on record: 2,086.4h



  8. Killer Memestar


    Some favourites from the last 18 months on DS: Wasaiki showing off (as usual) @Wasaiki Anarphius Not sure if this is considered illegal parking. Satanic rituals and chill Physics EDIT: HEY 3000th VIDEO SHARING POST
  9. Killer Memestar


    I've got one similar to this from Tanoa... This was on the side of the volcano, guy said he ran out of fuel lmao
  10. Killer Memestar

    I have too much free time

    This is my favourite thread ever
  11. Killer Memestar

    Possible website file thread missing?

    Yeah looks like it, cheers, just thought I'd let you know in case
  12. Killer Memestar

    Possible website file thread missing?

    *Posted here cause I couldn't find anywhere else appropriate for the issue.
  13. Not sure if it's just mine but it looks like there could be a string missing in the website structure, the police banner doesn't show up. pic:
  14. It's not a video, I wasn't recording at the time, but this was back on Tanoa on mechanic, it was on top of the volcano edge so most people would know how steep it is lmao got permission to post this on the videos thread