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  1. Removing Apex Assets

    I doubt Tanoa will ever come back considering its premium DLC map and being OCE there is even less of a population that have the DLC. Ever since we swapped back to Altis our population has never been better than it currently is.
  2. New Vehicle/weapon Pricing

  3. New Vehicle/weapon Pricing

    No it doesn't
  4. Forgotten Soldiers Clan Base Application

    || CLOSED Denied due to the gang disbanding.
  5. Monthly Clan Base Update Clan Bases are due in by 1st, October 2017. ____________________________________________________________________ READ THE NEW CLAN BASE RULES BEFORE CREATING YOUR CLAN BASE Adding/Removing Clan Base Members Please make a 1 neat post below with all the members who should be added or removed. Please include their In-Game name & steam64 ID (7656119xxxxxxxxxx). Example is shown below How to submit Zip everything together into a rar file and email it to thedarksidelife@outlook.com If you don't know how to zip a file look HERE. What to submit mission.sqm containing your clan base. Textures that you are allowed, less than 350kb in size, in jpg format (please make sure they do not look similar to other gangs). TXT file with the object you would like indestructible and any additional information that you think we might need. What your allowed All clan bases must follow theses rules otherwise your base will not be accepted. Tanoa & Malden objects are ALLOWED. Clan Base Rules/Guidelines Side Notes Please make sure your clan base is in the position given to you when you selected your clan base location. If anyone would like to send me images of your base to make sure it's inline with the rules feel free too. (Don't be annoyed if you haven't shown me anything and your base gets denied) Any questions? Feel free to ask. Please make sure you there's no units/vehicles, etc placed in your mission.sqm, last time most people had stuff included that was not meant to. Cheers.
  6. No, The wipe has already happen, there will be no mods, and will stay like that for ever.
  7. how do i fix this

    Hey, You need to disable your mods in the Arma 3 Launcher.
  8. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    The server is now on its way up with the new database. Thank you everyone for helping bug test, if there is any issue please report via the in-game bug report menu (9). Please be patient today/tomorrow as there may be still be bugs meaning restarts may happen. Thanks all & good luck!
  9. Server Time

    The server will come up when everything is complete. Please be patient. I'm sure a post will come up when the server is back up.
  10. Down Time

    UPDATE Streamline has completed their Major Upgrade maintenance, thank you everyone for your patience. All website features, TS3, etc are back online. As Huntah said the main server may not come up until the new DB has been released. Thanks all!
  11. Blackfoot Broke Have a nice day

    lol someone doesn't know how to use a radar ahah! GG
  12. - Below are the rules regarding creating a clan base on Altis - Objects Do not stack objects (this creates server wide lag).Do not run custom scripts on objects or place any (non-empty) ammo creates (set vector scripts are fine).Do not make an impossible entrance (small kill alley is fine, people must be able to drive in at all times, must be able to drive in with out reversing).Do not use over 100 objects (don't place pointless chairs and desk and other props that do nothing but clutter the server) Size 100m x 100m is around max size for clan bases. Location Base Locations are fixed positions (bases can be moved slightly but must remain in the same general area). If you are applying for a base ask the admins of where you base position will be. Adding members to your base A thread will go up each month where you can post what members you need added to your clan base (+2 every month with a max of 20). Sending & Format Each month a thread will go up when to send your updated clan base in along side with your member update. *mission.sqm containing your clan base. *Textures that you are allowed, less than 350kb in size, in jpg format (please make sure they do not look similar to other gangs). *TXT file with any additional information that you think we might need. All these files will need to be all put into 1 zipped file which will be emailed to > thedarksidelife@outlook.com <. If you do not know how to make a zipped file, see HERE! Buildings & Spawns ________________________________________________________ Each base is allowed 1 indestructible object, all other objects must be destructible. (When sending your base in, include in the TXT file what object you want). Some objects in the editor are indestructible be default, please make sure the objects you are placing are destructible (test by putting a Pawnee down and firing dars into the objects). Here are some images of the default indestructible objects. There is more, so make sure you test before placing the object as I will just delete the object and leave it, if it is found to be indestructible. ________________________________________________________ Tanoa & Malden objects are ALLOWED. All buildings placed must be enter-able from somewhere. Your player spawn must be in the open not in a building. You will get one vehicle spawn. Don't use high walls around the entirety of the base. Side Notes *Do not pester admins for base edits, theses are done once a month and a post will be put up when the next base edits are needed. *Make sure you have followed all rules relating to creating a clan base, breaking theses rules will result in your base not being added/edited for this month. *Complain that your base wasn't allowed and compare it with somebody else's, they may have conditions you are not aware of. UPDATED: 19/9/17
  13. Dedicated Staff Positions

    Look above your comment
  14. Hours

    I would say 10 hours for a month is fine for whitelist civ. Calling in @Mongoose for his POV.
  15. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    When the DB wipe happens, all staff will have a tool in the admin menu to fix a bugged restrained player.