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  1. ZrMz_x

    Rodopoli Illegal Goods Dealer Bug

    Please make a bug report in game so this can be followed up. Cheers.
  2. ZrMz_x

    BattlEye Intialization failed

    @Alfy @Walis If you guys were both having issues with Battleye, it should now be fixed with this recent 1.78 Hotfix. https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00077
  3. ZrMz_x

    BattlEye Intialization failed

    I'll have another look around when I get home to find some other work arounds for you to see if that work. This is an Arma issue and they are aware of the issue, I'm pretty sure a hotfix is on its way soon for this and some other issues. Cheers
  4. ZrMz_x

    BattlEye Intialization failed

    Have you tried what I said above?
  5. ZrMz_x

    BattlEye Intialization failed

    Trying joining through the Arma 3 Launcher. I have heard of people having this issue, joining through the launcher for a workaround. Give that a crack and let me know
  6. ZrMz_x

    Why do taxi missions always go wrong??

    Moved to Video Sharing
  7. ZrMz_x


    Message them on TS3 asking for a chat in regards to your Civ-Whitelisting. Or message them both on the Forums to see what's the go.
  8. ZrMz_x


    You need to talk to @Mongoose or @Salami in Teamspeak regarding an issue that happen.
  9. ZrMz_x

    Unable to Download Mission File

    This maybe causing the issue, this server is hosted in Australia. We have a ping kicker and your ping may rise slightly when downloading the mission and kick you off. Next time you join, join TS and ask a staff member to watch system chat to see if you get kicked off for network requirements.
  10. ZrMz_x

    Unable to Download Mission File

    Are you from Australia? If not where from?
  11. ZrMz_x

    Unable to Download Mission File

    You said you are getting server kicks... What are you internet speeds like? When downloading the mission file do you get ping spikes?
  12. ZrMz_x

    Piggie Muster with the 666 Gang!

    @Mongoose, you should stick to your real job as the Mechanic / Medic lmao
  13. ZrMz_x

    Profile backup

    Darkside is not like KOTH where your profile is stored on your computer, it's stored in the DB attached to your SteamID
  14. ZrMz_x


    https://imgur.com/a/seKEh Some reason I can't get it to format
  15. ZrMz_x

    M y l e Z | Memetage #3

    So funny shit in here haha Keep it up