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  1. Show us ya rig!

    With the drink and some ice cream lol
  2. Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation

    Couldn't hear any voices cause all I had to do was turn down the volume all the time
  3. Monthly Clan Base Update Clan Bases are due in by 29th, July 2017. Adding/Removing Clan Base Members Please make a 1 neat post below with all the members who should be added or removed. Please include their In-Game name & steam64 ID (7656119xxxxxxxxxx). Example is shown below How to submit Zip everything together into a rar file and email it to thedarksidelife@outlook.com If you don't know how to zip a file look HERE. What to submit mission.sqm containing your clan base. Textures that you are allowed, less than 350kb in size, in jpg format (please make sure they do not look similar to other gangs). Txt file with any additional information that you think we might need. What your allowed All clan bases must follow theses rules otherwise your base will not be accepted. Tanoa & Malden objects are ALLOWED. Clan Base Rules/Guidelines Side Notes Please make sure your clan base is in the position given to you when you selected your clan base location. If anyone would like to send me images of your base to make sure it's inline with the rules feel free too. (Don't be annoyed if you haven't shown me anything and your base gets denied) Any questions? Feel free to ask. Cheers.
  4. Ban on Rice Kun

    lol thank fuck you were banned, u troll
  5. New cop type (Discuss)

    As I said in the above post, all rules and procedures can be found in the ingame map screen. (Police Procedures/Rules -> Patrol Officers)
  6. New cop type (Discuss)

    Patrol officers don't add to the response cops ratio, so you still need 7 response officers to do a research/fort not 4 Patrol and 3 response.. Patrol Officer has already been added in to the server, there is a ratio involved with playing as a Patrol Officer when there is low response cops on. All information regarding Patrol Officers can be found in the in-game map screen.
  7. Forums Bug

    It's a part of the new IP Board 4.2 update. Once the old theme is updated/fixed this will be in.
  8. Austin Main - Unban request

    || DENIED Why would I unban a disrespect troll like yourself. Look at the posts you made last night, abusing staff, spamming accounts. Yeah, that's going to get you very far isn't it you troll. You even said there are "3000 other servers", but you are not coming back to the "best servers out there".
  9. Respone to GrumpyKitten

    Much Love
  10. Admins are Stupid As fuck

    I just happened to be in Kavala at the time, when I hear a public cop talking about a rule break that yourself and another player did so I stepped in because you thought it wasn't breaking the rules. You trolling and making other public cops lives hard in Kavla, great example you're setting as a Sergeant to all these up and coming officers of the force. All I ever saw you do in-game and out of game was abuse people. Good Luck with your "3000 other servers to play on" coz you aint coming back to this number #1 OCE altis life community... I'll look forward to laughing at your ban appeal in the future. P.S: Thanks for correctly typing my name out. <3
  11. alan- gaming bann

    You will be un-banned when the server restarts. || LOCKED
  12. alan-gaming ts ban?

    || Ban Removed Anymore trolling in Teamspeak and In-game will result in a much longer ban.
  13. July clan war base locations

    __________________________________________ TFO: TFO Clan Base 666: 666 Clan Base FU: Clan Base 5 TF: Clan Base 7 APO: Clan Base 8 APMC: Clan Base 6 CoSW: Clan Base 4 LSD: Clan Base 2 sR: Clan Base 3 __________________________________________ As sR didn't choose a base, I will do it for them.
  14. The Fallen Order | M y l e Z | Moments & Memes

    Soz @Damian. lmao Good shit @M y l e Z
  15. Change Log (13/07/2017)

    Only people with clan bases as far as I'm aware.