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  1. Unable to Download Mission File

    This maybe causing the issue, this server is hosted in Australia. We have a ping kicker and your ping may rise slightly when downloading the mission and kick you off. Next time you join, join TS and ask a staff member to watch system chat to see if you get kicked off for network requirements.
  2. Unable to Download Mission File

    Are you from Australia? If not where from?
  3. Unable to Download Mission File

    You said you are getting server kicks... What are you internet speeds like? When downloading the mission file do you get ping spikes?
  4. Piggie Muster with the 666 Gang!

    @Mongoose, you should stick to your real job as the Mechanic / Medic lmao
  5. Change Log (27th October)

    It's meant to say "All new jets should now be load-able onto the HEMTT Transport truck", I have corrected the spelling mistake
  6. Profile backup

    Darkside is not like KOTH where your profile is stored on your computer, it's stored in the DB attached to your SteamID
  7. Screenshots

    https://imgur.com/a/seKEh Some reason I can't get it to format
  8. M y l e Z | Memetage #3

    So funny shit in here haha Keep it up
  9. Screenshots

    Fliqqs attempting to get me
  10. Funny Moments #2

    RoyaL and Luke's romantics
  11. Mithzaron Antics - Medic

    Loved it man! Watched every bit of it! Keep up the good stuff!
  12. Screenshots

    When the boys come back from a day of stealing Gorgons!
  13. Removing Apex Assets

    I doubt Tanoa will ever come back considering its premium DLC map and being OCE there is even less of a population that have the DLC. Ever since we swapped back to Altis our population has never been better than it currently is.
  14. how do i fix this

    Hey, You need to disable your mods in the Arma 3 Launcher.
  15. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    The server is now on its way up with the new database. Thank you everyone for helping bug test, if there is any issue please report via the in-game bug report menu (9). Please be patient today/tomorrow as there may be still be bugs meaning restarts may happen. Thanks all & good luck!