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  1. n a t h a n


    why are you chewing a nail..
  2. n a t h a n


    I started it just as much as anyone else did
  3. n a t h a n


    Literally everyone I know that was in your gang says you have the reaction speed of a bot, imagine going out of your way to write a comment just because I 'd two of your posts.
  4. n a t h a n

    Demo's Cyrus & Co. Montage #77

    0:48 @Jack Jester @Athan bots smh
  5. n a t h a n


    yeah 1680x1050 bc i broke my 4k monitor lol, but i record in 1080
  6. n a t h a n

    Haggis Montage #101204 im bad at the game

    7:12 That guys trash
  7. n a t h a n


    no trap beat here mister
  8. n a t h a n


    I downloaded it off youtube, and edited out the like 20 seconds of ear rape if that's what your asking
  9. n a t h a n


  10. n a t h a n

    mk200 sux

    now do it with a LIM
  11. n a t h a n

    makes sense

    its fine we all know you left the server because the asp got nerfed and you cant get kills anymore
  12. n a t h a n

    makes sense

    You mean I still ended up fragging the rest of the cops that were there while you left me there to go sell the bags?
  13. n a t h a n

    makes sense

    Can someone like actually explain to me how cadets and pubbies tank so much shit but higher ups (who in theory, should actually have decent armour) get destroyed by everything? I really don't get it.
  14. n a t h a n


    top 10 near death experiences
  15. n a t h a n

    Shot of the year?

    don't think anyone can beat this one