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  1. Martial Law

    Shocky my man. This is phenomenal.
  2. Mitchell Donation

    In game name: Mitchell, [LSD] Mitchell Steam ID: 76561198044666059 Amount: $10
  3. WL Civ Promotion - - 01-08-17

    Not sure if Mitchell is myself or the other one? Also not sure how many hours I played last month but I moved house and had no internet for at least two weeks.
  4. New White-listed Officers

    Please add when you can.
  5. [LSD] Mitchell

    Steam ID: 76561198044666059 In-game: [LSD] Mitchell Amount: $30* *For 3 x Bronze Donator
  6. Mitchell Whitelist App

  7. A starter pistol and a dream

    Song choice is perfection. Absolutely brilliant video.
  8. Mitchell Whitelist App

  9. Mitchell Whitelist App

    In-Game Name: Mitchell. Donor?: Yes. Age: 23 Do you have a headset: Yes. Do you have, or will get TS3: Yes, already have it. Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?): I recall once for a few hours; for not being able to afford comp when I mistakenly killed a rival gang. Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game): Yes, well versed. Why do you want to be Whitelisted?: I've spent 160 hours playing civ and I'd love to expand my skills to include more RP-reliant roles. A brief description about yourself (Your play style): Very varied, but always calm. On one hand I'm more than happy to grind away, driving around trucks left right and centre when I need to. And on the other I love combat (as we all do). Within combat I'm more than comfortable with the full spread of weapons. I'd say theres some room for improvement in my flying skills, but nothing a bit more practice couldn't fix. Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning: Of course.
  10. Mitchell Donation

    In-Game Name: [LSD] Mitchell UID : 76561198044666059 Amount: $30 (1x) Gold Package