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  1. Hellman501

    Clips #2

    come on bro like to see you kill a cop
  2. Hellman501

    Lords (Cranes)

    shame the lords got banned for duping, would have been good combat!
  3. Hellman501

    Lynx is cooked

    This man knows his shit when it comes to lynxes, believe me
  4. Hellman501

    Mike shooting cunts

    #nerf the cops
  5. Hellman501

    Another Haggis Montage!

    and cops reckon they need a buff 0.o
  6. Hellman501

    Another Haggis Montage!

    some crazy ass shots
  7. Hellman501


    hahahahah muff just needs to guard the fucking base
  8. Hellman501

    Progressive Development

    I agree why dont cops have navid drone yet! these bloody rebels are way to OP
  9. Hellman501

    Progressive Development

    yes, all look like amazing ideas!! sick of these rebels getting buffed everytime.. cops need to get buffed!!