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  1. Jenkins

    Random Darkside Moments

    excuse me but did you dec on a MeSoMad while he was in a running vehicle over direct?
  2. Jenkins

    KOH Hospital Robbery

    And hank
  3. Jenkins

    Dodgiest Robbery Gone Right

    To be perfectly honest i wasnt expecting it to work and was expecting to be tazed as thats why I had the flare gun and was doing it for a meme but when it actually happened I couldnt help it
  4. Jenkins

    Dodgiest Robbery Gone Right

    So that happened.
  5. Jenkins

    Comp Request

    Ingame Name : IvanTime of issue (Put timezone) : 12:50pmIssue Type (RDM/VDM, Hacker, Glitch) : GlitchAmount requested : $280,000Brief note on what happened : Bought a house $200,000 the other day and had a Lynx in it +20 rounds that I purchased for $80,000 and now it says I don't own the house and don't have access to the houses inventory so i have lost my Lynx. I was also having problems with my house 2 days ago where I could not use it as a spawn point and got messages saying the house was bugging when accessing the house menu. And yes I made sure I synced data after purchasing the house and storing items inside.Brief note on you you believe you should be comped for this : Because I spent a lot of money and lost it due to a stupid server glitch.