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  1. Stooge

    sAlAmi""S FUNNIes

    Gonna miss the Nosing away from jail
  2. Stooge

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    I Offered to save his dumb ass as well.
  3. Stooge

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    Code names hahaha
  4. Stooge

    im so retarded

    Why are you proud of this lol?
  5. Stooge

    Josh's time on Darkside Vol 2

    I just wanted to be the first officer to process someone in a Caesar
  6. Stooge

    A Final Farewell to Darkside

    You know I remember my first day on the server sitting in the circle at Vikos with you all. I was very fresh and bullied a many, meeting my grandad for the first time aswell
  7. Stooge

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    Many clips of me as a cadet and pub cop.. I remember that bridge.. and the first time I ever did a police convoy... I miss the blue vehicles
  8. Stooge

    makes sense

    Who knows, I've tanked many of lynx rounds at any ranks really. You hit him in the elbow which would have only removed ALL his body armor and left him on under 50 HP. You would have hit ME in the chest which is a 1 shot. try nut sp4mm1ng da rynx nd aiming 1t
  9. Stooge

    My Favourite Darkside Moments

    You are one very special person
  10. Stooge

    kos event memes and other garbage

    Cunt where your last words
  11. Stooge

    AKM Is Cooked

    I don't like the first 2 clips :<
  12. Stooge

    Progressive Development

    I want a tank, but its actually a helicopter and and, you can have redneck pawnee on your tank and and miniguns, Oh and add a flare gun minigun. But in all seriousness something me and a few other cops have really wanted for a long time is more ways to smoke out objectives, If you could rig a drone to shoot white covering smoke grenades that would be awesome. Originally the idea was posted as a mortar for smokes. But you can't really script that I don't think. Police don't need more ways to murderize people and I'm terrified to see cops with 30m Pawnees.
  13. Stooge

    Being farmed by TBE

    This post has gone way overboard. Can we get it locked please. TBE If you are farming new people just stop. And if you arnt, well who the fuck cares and just move on.