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    Unfortunately you probably can’t get your stuff back, if you were armed, you shouldn’t be hanging around kav, stuff like this is bound to happen to people dressed like you. Best advice if you wanna hang around kav do legal civ missions and stay unarmed.
  2. A d a m

    HA Montage 6

    Well from what i saw i only died twice in the montage... So i'm happy. Good video tho.
  3. A d a m

    sAlAmi""S FUNNIes

    I could make that statement invalid within 20 minutes of being in the Teamspeak
  4. A d a m

    sAlAmi""S FUNNIes

    I reckon i could make a beat for a song, from just @Rick-'s voice cracks..
  5. The only solution I can think of, is if you switch your OS to windows and Mac with a software, can’t remember what it’s called, this might enable you to update the version, but unfortunately you will have to stay like that as when you switch the update will bug, and not work. This is trial and error, not 100% sure.
  6. A d a m

    windows key!

    Sometimes the windows key can be buggy, usually you just have to change it, so go to custom controls and I’m pretty sure it’s usersction 14 if not then it’s ten, and just change it to L. That should fix the problem
  7. A d a m

    Taking A Stand!

    I basically realised all hope was lost when that dome came down....
  8. A d a m

    Ghost Recon Montage

    Ok now this is epic…
  9. A d a m

    welcome to Kavala (safe zone ?)

    Welcome to Kavala my friend, this type of shit is typical
  10. A d a m

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    Finish him.
  11. A d a m

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    When your that bad a fence gets a double kill on you…
  12. A d a m

    Unlocking cars

    Do you try and unlock it straight away?
  13. A d a m

    who unbanned this opx kid?

    Mistakes are made 🥴
  14. A d a m

    Unlocking cars

    I usually just leave my car unlocked when going for stuff like this, if it gets stolen so be it. I’m sure it will be fixed sooner or later.
  15. A d a m

    Unlocking cars

    You just have to give it some time after you pull it out, don’t start spamming it when you pull it out either just give it 10 seconds then press it once.
  16. A d a m

    Altis Life Continued

    Epic gamer moments
  17. A d a m

    First day of wipe on Altis roads

    It's still better than Bobch's driving.
  18. A d a m

    Server Wipe Be Like

    Jokes on you the server isn’t wiping.
  19. A d a m

    Clickers Video of Stuff.

    https://gyazo.com/793d257cbcbbe14b384c88537aba1776 I was tortured i didn't get any fun....
  20. A d a m

    Quillin AT Fun at KOS Event

    I didn’t have much fun facing you Good shots tho
  21. A d a m

    VIP3R actualy tank confirmed

    Hes russian what do you expect
  22. A d a m

    RIP Mexicans

  23. A d a m

    Raging Child