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  1. samayueren

    Mechanic has been broken in the change over

    i tried hemits hemit boxes zamaks illegal zamakzs and tempests. Both at multiple jobs depots and multiple places around the island all on the spot.
  2. samayueren

    Mechanic has been broken in the change over

    And final one, The names of the fast travels are still altis names Please note these issues have already been bug reported but am posting publiclly so everyone is aware
  3. Hey guys, Just got a big old list of issues of that are currently affecting mechanics. I have impounded over 151 vehicles in less than 8 hours. amongst theres. atleast 4 vans, 8 offroads, atleast 10 police vehicles if not more. multiple trucks (i've lost count) 1. Quests not progressing. -Impounding part 2 (on the spot impound trucks) (zero progression) -towing part 2 (tow trucks and impound) (zero progression) -mechanic mission part 1 (cannot start mechanic quests as it states you require a quest completed. (only skill mentioning mechanic missions is increased payouts) -impounding offroads part 1 (zero progression) -impounding vans part 1 (zero progression) -impounding police part 1 (zero progression) 2. Cannot purchase any form of air vehicle. (i am happy to be wrong, it could require you to unlokc teh taru first in the questline) 3. Mechanic quest unable to be started. 4. Mechanics able to impound an armed GCU (and get 200 dollars) but cant impound a strider Bug or feature?
  4. samayueren

    Flying With Yeti

    Yeti - i'm a good flyer