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  1. ToiletBrush

    Tony Hawk's Pro Tempest

    Haha nice one... to much tony hawks as a kid.
  2. ToiletBrush

    Server events

    Good these look like fun.
  3. ToiletBrush

    Benns Montage

  4. ToiletBrush

    It Takes 2 To Tango

    Hhaha good old arma 3
  5. ToiletBrush

    Turns out my first wasn't my last.

    Nice vid man.
  6. ToiletBrush

    Isaiah's Memetage

    awesome... haha
  7. ToiletBrush

    Mike's Lynx / Air Montage

    Nice vid
  8. ToiletBrush

    Tonoa Life with 666 #1

    Who needs to jump when you can eat...
  9. ToiletBrush

    Dbay wont work

    ah cheers dude ill go through my controls now
  10. ToiletBrush

    Dbay wont work

    ah ok cheers for the quick reply aye. shift+F2 isnt working for me unfortunately.
  11. ToiletBrush

    Dbay wont work

    My Dbay is not working i am assuming i have to set my controls for it. Unsure which custom control is for dbay?
  12. ToiletBrush


    When you think arma is spintires.
  13. ToiletBrush

    ToiletBrush's encounter

    Arma 3 physics coming into play again.
  14. ToiletBrush

    Anzac Day Inebriation & Selective Hearing...

    hahahaha ....gold
  15. ToiletBrush

    This is What happens when people camp south Rebel xD

    This just made my day.