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  1. Senia

    Senia - Data Sync Issues

    The issue seems to have either resolved itself or been resolved by someone. Whichever it may have been cheers. I would like to request this topic be locked.
  2. Senia

    Senia - Data Sync Issues

    As the title suggests since we've moved to Tanoa I've been experiencing some issues with my actions not saving. The progress it has cost me is minor in the form of the first two civilian quests which I will not be pursuing compensation for. If at any point there is some spare time help would be much appreciated. As I'm sure with the map switch there is plenty to be done. I'll be attaching a video which shows my skill points reseting up a data sync and soft log.
  3. Senia

    Versa's Darkside Montage #3

    I was creeping around feeling so tactical in PD then you slammed me with a .50 Good video man.
  4. Senia

    Senia - Completed Reading Requests

    I'll see about it mate.
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