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  1. Yeti

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

    When u rdmed the whole tbe on cop and got away with it
  2. Yeti


    Where was the clip where I was giving u a ticket and u out smarted me
  3. Yeti

    You Dont Need Skill For The Navid

    i think that is only you lol
  4. Yeti

    You Dont Need Skill For The Navid

    fuck i forgot to edit that out
  5. Yeti

    mems vol 1

    lol that was me that drove out on the run way, didnt see ya
  6. Yeti


  7. Yeti

    Are you Sure About That?

    I love it when u tern up ur volume because one vid was quiet then the nxt one is load ???
  8. Yeti

    Another Shit Montage

  9. Yeti

    Flying With Yeti

    Bahaha i tought i was going 20 km lmao